FaceTime will come to Android, but it will not be like that with iMessage

Grecia De Flores
3 min read

Within all the most amazing ads we could see within the opening speech for the Apple developers conference, WWDC 2021, it was not just the new features that your customers surprised, but also a detail Shocking for your customers, especially for Android and Windows users.

As part of the presentation that was iOS 15, Apple told its users, that from that moment consumers of other operating systems will have the possibility of joining FaceTime calls, always and When these are invited by means of a link which must be sent by an Apple user. This advertisement of FaceTime was one of the many other software updates that were being presented for the iPhone, iPad and also other Apple products.

FaceTime will come to Android, but it will not be like that with iMessage

What is this new one that will bring us this change?

This measure will allow customers who are not Apple, the ability to access one of its applications, which is unusual for the iPhone manufacturer, to which some ask themselves if said access would have the possibility to expand to other popular Products of the brand.

It was a lot of time, which Apple maintained as main attraction the exclusivity of its products, which is why you must buy the devices of this company, in order to have full access to its software, which is of high quality and vice versa.

However, the decision to include FaceTime for this option seems to be part of the recognition that Apple is doing so that there are different competitive benefits, once clients are allowed that do not belong to Apple the To be able to use your software products freely.

Apple seems to be willing to open some of its famous services, outside its system in order to promote the adoption of them, in this way they can effectively compete against other large-scale companies such as Facebook and Google. A lot beyond that, this measure could be elementary to be able to help with the antitrust problems that Apple has been presented. Reason why, this places them in a better position from the regulatory perspective in which they are.

The limits and competences have not been expected

However, there are still some limits which could be best exemplified by another of the company's applications that is just as popular as it is imssage.

iMessage is one of the beloved applications of iPhone users, all this thanks to its wide range of functions which go beyond the messages of SMS that are traditional among the young population, what which also including the ability of each user to react to text messages and also to be able to see when the other user is writing or responding to your messages.

Recently, Google try to replicate some features of Imessage, which suggests that many Android users will be anxious to be able to obtain full access to those small blue text bubbles, which They have been so popular within Apple.

In spite of all this, whatsapp still maintains a wide advantage over all of them, since this mobile application is available on a wide variety of devices, which has made it a predetermined option for those People who want to communicate through different operating systems.