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Google Drive would start blocking files that violate its rules

Andy Vilchez
3 min read
Google Drive would start blocking files that violate its rules
Google Drive changes its policies and will delete files that violate its rules.

Surely you know Google Drive, you are even likely to use it without realizing it. This is the most used cloud service around the world. Google offers its users free storage of up to 15 GB for just having a Gmail email.

Many people often use this service to back up their files, photos, videos, and more. Even applications like WhatsApp save backups on Google Drive.

However, there are also people who use this service to store "doubtful" files. This includes piracy, child pornography, sensitive photos, and much more.

The new Google Drive data policies

This storage service, despite the fact that it already had an algorithm that is responsible for deleting files that violate the rules, has always been quite flexible. But that looks set to start to change, as the company has announced a new data policy.

By means of this, the company seeks to eliminate from its servers any file that may be considered to be in breach of its rules. They can even prohibit you from accessing the storage if they deem it convenient.

So, if you have files that may violate company regulations, you should delete it before Google does it for you.

Google against abuse on its platforms

Google Drive would start blocking files that violate its rules
If you have files that violate Drive's rules, your account could be in jeopardy.

It is no secret to anyone that many people often use not only Google Drive, but any cloud storage service to store files as hacking.

Many of the sites to watch series and movies online usually use this service to store the videos due to the flexibility of the company.

However, from this point on, all that content could be in jeopardy. At the moment it is not known when or how Google will begin to take these measures, but it could be soon.

The company's goal is to ensure that users use the online storage appropriately. And for this they seek to get rid of all the abusive content that exists in Google Drive.

A new era of change for the company

Google Drive would start blocking files that violate its rules
The company will also modify its cookie policy.

This year 2022 seems to bring several changes within the company, since this change in Drive will not be the only one. The company would also be considering making a change to its cookie policy.

This change would come as a reason for a recent sanction that the company suffered in France and why it had to pay 150 million euros. The reason is that the process that the company has to reject cookies is more complex than to accept them.

It would not be ruled out that the company would make other changes to other policies throughout this year 2022.