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New vehicle repairs through the cloud

Alvaro Salazar
5 min read

Now you can repair your vehicle without going to the workshop.

The reformist network of vehicles is changing its maintenance. In any case, the organization of 5G will be the decisive moment by empowering repairs through the cloud.

New vehicle repairs through the cloud – Technology – WebMediums

From Tesla, Apple or Google to the garage around the bend.

The digitization of the vehicle influences a wide range of organizations; The largest and most innovative yearn for the driverless vehicle business, yet it is the more modest that are now managing changes in an area that plans a withdrawal of availability on account of the extensive implementation of 5G organizations.

This was stated graphically by Raúl Palacios, leader of Ganvam, the study of manufacturers and after-sales relations, in a new open appearance: his area must "fix the screws less and know more about the systems."

What's more, the electronic evolution of repairs via the cloud goes further.

With the connection, "after-sales management, as far as we are concerned, will disappear, and in electric vehicles the support is essentially reduced to the battery and the wheels.

Sellers must offer other types of administrations, identified with the information to the executives ", predicts Pablo Martín, accomplice responsible for the car in the Everis Consulting Company.

cloud repair technology and how it is developed

A current vehicle with software and connected to the network incorporates around 100,000,000 lines of code, which, as if we were talking about attachments or flash channels rather than programming, suggests a need for updates, modifications and maintenance.

Currently, in 2018, scheduling was the reason for the review of 18 million vehicles in the United States alone.

One of the extraordinary insurgencies that 5G will bring is the ability to complete these repairs through the cloud significantly faster and more competently, communicating information about the organization and refreshing administrations in the cloud.

In the language of broadcast communications, one speaks of OTA ( Over The Air ) enhancements, which offer significantly more advantageous support for customers.

What does cloud repair have to do with OTA?

It is not something fast or basic, since, as Juan Calero González, Principal Manager of Ericsson Spain, warns, "We are managing gigantic volumes of information with different degrees of criticality, from diversion responses for basic components such as braking mechanisms, engine management, etc.

In any case, it will not be good to take the vehicle to a study to connect it to a port and see its information on a screen. "

New vehicle repairs through the cloud – Technology – WebMediums

For the Ericsson teacher, it is essential to decide the action plan for this new aftermarket universe, where vehicles need more computer experts than mechanics.

It will not make sense to take the vehicle to a workshop, to connect it to a port and see its data on a screen.

From a matchmaking perspective, ideas such as opportunistic data transfer (for example, streamlining organizations' hourly utilization as demand dictates) and Network Slicing, a capability enabled by the core 5G organization, will be key. division of the specialized base to ideally adjust it to various uses and needs, while guaranteeing limits such as speed, unwavering quality or safety.

"It is a huge leap forward," he stresses about repairs through the cloud.

The Challenge of the Cloud Repair Framework

New vehicle repairs through the cloud – Technology – WebMediums

The change in the business network is just one of the many impacts of another idea of portability dependent on durable availability, with vehicles arguing with each other... and also with street frames. Organizations such as Ferrovial have been working in this field for some time.

Dimitris Bountolos, its CIIO ( Chief Information and Innovation Officer ), clarifies that the availability of the foundations can be a critical component to work with the concurrence between independent vehicles and those that are not fully associated.

The authorities on the matter agree that this is the main obstacle, basically from a social and administrative perspective, in the advancement of driverless vehicles. "With the enhancement of 5G, the base will provide an additional layer of data to the associated vehicle," clarifies the boss, so the machines could more likely handle the occasionally elusive responses from people.

Bountolos predicts between twenty and thirty years of union between independent and monitored vehicles, a period that has evidently begun, albeit in honor.

At the time when the motor vehicle surpassed the pony, about a century earlier, everything was much less difficult: the creatures immediately disappeared from the streets because they could not cope with the new innovation.

Today drivers don't disappear as fast as coachmen.

A more progressive change is coming, but comparatively significant, if not more. As Bountolos closes, with the autonomous vehicle "the vehicle will be a method, not an end. In addition, drivers will end up being travelers."

"Organizations play an essential role, controlling issues such as protection and security, and promoting new agreements", concludes Iván Rejón, director of Marketing, Communication and Institutional Relations at Ericsson Spain.

Cloud repairs are the future

This will be a great revolution in technology and it will become the new way to repair cars from some kind of breakdown. Cars have fewer and fewer nuts and more systems, which makes it easier to repair these transportation methods.

Repairs through the cloud will solve the problem of leaving your car in the workshop for a long time leaving you without any type of transportation method.

Apart from this, it will be very easy for people to detect faults in their cars and fix the problem immediately.

The best of all is that in the event of a mishap, be it theft or some kind of accident, the car, being connected to the network, is very easy to locate.