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How to modify your PC to be a Gamer PC

Alvaro Salazar
6 min read

Since you have finally decided to find a way to modify your PC piece by piece, we have to give you some tips and suggestions to take into account, to make this activity simpler and more fun. Or, above all, to make sure you hit the nail on the head when modifying your PC Gamer.

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Step-by-step instructions to know the components of your PC

Before continuing to change the parts of your PC or buy new ones, you must know the attributes of your PC and from this data, find out what parts you will need.

In any case, why? It may be the case that your PC does not support cards of specific designs, such a RAM memory limit or that the processor you need to introduce is not viable.

There is more than one method to know the details of your PC. One of them is to use Windows devices. To find out the properties of your PC, go to My Computer (for Windows 7 and lower variants) or This PC (for Windows 8 and 10 variants). Then at that time go to Properties.

Here you will see an extremely essential outline of your gadget details, specifically the data about the processor, RAM and framework.

One more method of discovering your PC's determinations and considerably more defined frame data is through the DirectX Diagnostic Device, a product found in any version of Windows.

How to use DirectX to check the characteristics of the PC?

There are two ways to run DirectX:

  • In the Windows Finder, type the word dxdiag and press Enter on the console.

  • Use the attached console key command: Windows + R. This will open the Run widget. Type dxdiag and tap Enter.

Despite the general peculiarities of the PC, in reality you have to know the qualities of the components that it has incorporated.

Parts that a PC must have for gamers

When modifying a gaming PC, there are numerous components to consider. However, in this guide we will focus on the fundamental parts that a PC for gamers should have.

A PC primarily intended for gaming must have a decent processor (CPU) and a decent illustration card. These are the parties that will be responsible for displaying the images and making the game work.

Although we have said that the processor and the video card are the fundamental parts, there are different components that our gaming PC must include which are:

  • Motherboard.

  • RAM.

  • Capacity: Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) or Conventional Hard Drive. The decision between one or the other depends on the financial plan you have. We suggest the solid state.

  • Power supply.

  • Box / Tower: Although it may seem obvious, and it is conceivable that we don't put a lot of energy into this component, it can give us some freaks, for example excluding fans or not being prepared for the fluid cooling frame.

Depending on the financial plan you have and what you need to spend on the assembly of your gamer PC, you will select one or more models, variants and manufacturers of parts, of sequential quality, stockpiling and / or power.

Depending on your needs and interests, you will change some parts of your PC and leave others as they are, to exploit them and, why not say it, to reserve money in the adjustment of your gaming PC.

Knowing this, we suggest you consider changing the parts that come with a PC Gamer :


In the case that you have a hard disk (HDD), that is to say, a hard circle disk of a lifetime, you may be interested in transforming it into a strong state plate (SSD). Among other advantages, the waiting time will be reduced when opening the games, as well as when starting the working system.

Also, you won't find the dreaded crashes in games, so your PC will be faster. What is important is the cost between both hard drives. However, we guarantee that the change will be impressive.

Illustration or video card

If you have never modified your PC, you may have a non-exclusive design card, that is, the one you got when you bought your PC. Before buying another one, check if it is viable with your motherboard.

When this progression is done, you can buy a more remarkable video card to play your beloved games.

Memory and processor

In case you are requesting and need to improve the results, you can change your RAM memory for a larger one and your current processor for a more impressive one.

Assuming you need to participate in your computer games with the highest quality, this financial operation will be impressive. Remember that each game has its own requirements.

Extras for games

In case you are looking for more comfort, there are extras that will give you a much more complex experience, such as a mouse, a console, controllers and headphones for gamers or an ergonomic seat little thought to spend a few hours sitting in front of the PC.

Also, now comes the crucial step...

Change my old PC or buy another?

You should assess whether it is worth changing your old PC, buying the parts and assembling it yourself or if it is more prudent to buy a private one. This is up to you. The answer to this question changes depending on your vision, needs, and financial plan.

In case your PC is very old and can handle purchasing a newer one, leave it all out — it will be less confusing!

Be that as it may, if your financial plan is tight, or you need to modify your PC as you prefer, choose to change a few pieces. It will be less expensive, you will have a good time during the meeting, and you will achieve that desired development in the exhibition of your PC.

This is all you need to know to modify or buy a new PC that can run those games you long for.