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Virtual reality glasses buying guide

Andy Vilchez
9 min read
Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums

Virtual reality technology is becoming increasingly popular, which is why virtual reality glasses are sold like bread. And, despite the fact that these glasses can be more expensive than you think, many people buy them to have a better gaming experience.

Today, I want to talk to you a little more about virtual glasses, as well as what you should take into account to buy one. Even to make your life a little easier, I will give you a list of the best virtual reality glasses on the market.

What are virtual reality glasses?

Virtual reality glasses place your point of view in the center of a digital space, which can be a photograph, a video, an animation or a piece of software such as a video game.

Once you put the glasses on, you are free to turn and look at everything within the virtual sphere.

Let's say you are watching images of a farm on television. There is beautiful green grass ahead, but if you turn around and look over your shoulder, you will see your living room. In VR, you could see the same images, turn around, and see a herd of cattle behind you. This is known as 360 ° content.

Passive vs Active

There are two types of VR experiences: the passive, which consists of relaxing and viewing a 360º photo or video from a fixed perspective, and the active, which allows you to interact with the content and change the perspective. An example is connecting a keyboard and mouse to play a racing game - you are still using the traditional controls, but instead of seeing the car on a 2D screen, you are sitting inside it while wearing the VR headset.

Your body reacts to passive and active content, since either of the two options can trick your brain into thinking that you are in the digital environment. Riding an RV roller coaster, for example, can cause the same feeling in the pit of your stomach, even if you're not near an amusement park.

How do virtual reality glasses work?

The image quality and capabilities of VR goggles depend on two factors: the technology and build quality of the goggles and the device used to power them.

None of the glasses on the market is autonomous, but all require an external device, such as a smartphone, a PC or a game console. Prices start at around $ 30 for entry-level models, and can go as high as $ 1,400 for high-end kits.

The dual lenses inside the headphones simultaneously process two images to create the illusion of depth. Motion tracking equipment, built into the helmet (or the device that powers it) or connected externally, captures the movement of the head and, in some cases, the body.

The quality of the VR depends on what is used in the glasses. Most of them fall into one of these categories:

Low-end : These glasses act like a case for a smartphone. Any smartphone can be used in an entry-level headset within the size limit specified by the manufacturer. Examples: Google Cardboard, Cocoon.

Mid-range : Better quality image that requires a specific smartphone, such as a Samsung Galaxy model, or a game console to function. Examples: GearVR, Sony PlayStation VR (PS VR).

High-end : Advanced and powerful glasses capable of producing a high-quality image, requiring a first-rate PC. Examples: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive.

At this point, we can see how there are several types of glasses, the price and quality will depend on the type of range you want to choose. For example, a low-end glasses may have a price of a few dollars, but if we go to high-end systems, it is likely that you end up needing a few hundred or even thousands of dollars.

What should you take into account when buying virtual reality glasses?

The first thing you should be clear about when buying virtual reality glasses is which device you plan to use them on. Today there are three types of devices in which you can use these glasses.

The first are virtual reality glasses for smartphones, these, in general, are glasses that have a compartment on the front where you can place your smartphone. With the help of specific games, you will be able to play in virtual reality.

Then we have the virtual reality glasses that are used on consoles, such as the PlayStation.

These glasses connect with your console and will allow you to play a wide variety of games. This will offer you a better image quality, as well as a higher quality of games. However, they are more expensive than ones to use on a smartphone.

Finally, we have virtual reality glasses for computers, these will offer you the best experience so far. In addition to having a large number of games, these have a superior quality in their manufacture. But because of this, we also have to, they are the most expensive type.

The 3 best virtual reality glasses for mobile

This is probably the section in which you will find a greater variety of glasses. And there are a lot of manufacturers that are responsible for making glasses for mobile phones. However, we will tell you which are the 3 best.

1. Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums

Samsung is a company that has bet a lot on virtual reality and that is why it has been in charge of manufacturing one of the best glasses on the market.

The Samsung Gear VR are the best exponent of virtual reality glasses for mobile devices. These glasses have a remote control with which you will be able to control video games.

Regarding its appearance, these glasses are extremely light and comfortable, and it has a quite acceptable price. If you have a compatible mobile device, this is the best option you have.

2. Bnext VR Mobile

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
bnext vr mobile

These are a type of low-cost virtual reality glasses, but do not be fooled by their price, since they have very good features. The company that makes them has endeavored to minimize the price, without compromising the quality of the glasses.

One of the best advantages of these virtual reality glasses is that it is compatible with most mobile devices, both Android and iOS. It is unlikely that you will find other glasses at a similar price and with the benefits that these have.

3. Lenovo Mirage VR

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums

Lenovo is a company that makes a large number of devices, including one of the best virtual reality glasses for mobile devices. The Lenovo Mirage VR have a very good quality, added to a very competitive price. They are not cheap glasses, but they are not expensive either, so they offer excellent value for money.

One of the things that may appeal to some people is that you have a Star Wars app in augmented reality. They even carry a lightsaber with a tracking beacon for increased accuracy.

If you are a Star Wars fan and you are looking for virtual reality glasses for your mobile, you should not hesitate and choose these.

The 3 best virtual reality glasses for consoles

Video game consoles also feature some noteworthy virtual reality goggles. Here, the choice is much simpler and this is because there are not too many.

1. Playstation VR

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
playstation vr

If you have a PlayStation, the best option is, without a doubt, the PlayStation VR, Sony's official virtual reality glasses. They are wonderful futuristic-looking glasses with which you will be able to enjoy the best games compatible with virtual reality.

These glasses are compatible with both the PS4 and the PS5, so you won't have to buy a new glasses. These glasses will also allow you to watch series, movies and videos with a 360 degree function.

2. Nintendo LABO 2

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
nintendo labo 2

Nintendo has also developed its own virtual reality glasses for the Nintendo Switch, however these are made of cardboard so it may not seem too flashy to many. However, the company has taken care to make it as comfortable as possible.

Despite not being so futuristic or sophisticated, it will give you a very good experience and you are sure to have a lot of fun with these virtual reality glasses.

3. Oculus Go Xbox

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
oculus go

If you have an Xbox, the best option when it comes to enjoying your favorite games is the Oculus Go. These have a very elegant and careful design. In addition, they offer you a fairly wide field of vision to enjoy the experience even more.

These glasses have an LCD screen with Quick-Change, which improves visual clarity and reduces glare. This makes it the best of all the virtual reality glasses compatible with the Xbox.

In addition, the glasses are backed by Oculus, one of the best manufacturers of virtual reality glasses on the market.

The 3 best virtual reality glasses for PC

The best and most expensive virtual reality glasses are made to play on PC. There are many brands that sell glasses for your computer games, however, here is a clear winner and that Oculus.

1. Oculus Quest 2

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
oculus quest 2

These are, by far, the best virtual reality glasses on the market and it is that in the buyers' own opinions, they assure that the experience it offers is unmatched.

This model has a high resolution OLED screen, which gives you a sharpness never before seen in similar glasses. Best of all, you won't need to connect them to a computer, which gives you more flexibility.

2. Oculus Rift

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
oculus rift

For a time, these were the most advanced virtual reality glasses on the market. These were designed for professional gamers, so you can expect the best possible performance.

Those who have tried them have been completely satisfied with the results that these virtual reality helmets can offer you. If you have the money and can afford to buy one of these, without a doubt it is the best possible purchase.

In addition, it has a powerful controller that will help you improve the gaming experience even more.

3. HTC Vive

Virtual reality glasses buying guide – Technology – WebMediums
htc lives

HTC has also done its thing and has been commissioned to create spectacular virtual reality glasses.

It has two controls that are easy to use and that will offer you the best possible experience. In addition, it is compatible with a large number of current games that use virtual reality technology.

These glasses are high performance, so you can expect them to be priced somewhat high. However, if you want to play like a pro, these glasses are a very good option. Especially since they are slightly cheaper than the Oculus Rift and offer similar performance.