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Huawei's new smart helmet

Fermín Díaz
3 min read
Huawei's new smart helmet – Technology – WebMediums
New Huawei Smart Helmet

The names of this innovative smart helmet is Helmetphone BH51M Neo Smart Helmet. It is available to the public in black and gray, and can be used for rollerblading, with skateboards, bicycles, electrics and in cycling.

The Huawei company just launched this new smart helmet with HarmonyOS, with this you can make calls via Bluetooth, LED turn signals and other technological advances. Bluetooth calls can be enabled with a simple from the phone.

After you pair the smartphone with the helmet, users will be able to check the battery of the smart helmet through their phone. You can make emergency contacts and make some adjustments in the light mode.

This smart helmet also comes with a Bluetooth stereo speaker that can play music and calls hands-free. In addition, it has LED lights on both the rear and the front.

The LED lights work with the integrated gravitational acceleration sensor that is capable of detecting when you decelerate. This means that the LED turns on when the speed decreases, what's more, it is able to detect when you make turns to provide turn signals in the same way.

The Huawei Smart Helmet was designed to provide increased safety for cyclists who often travel on roads crowded with cars. You can get this innovative helmet in China at Huawei VMall for 800 yuan, which is equivalent to US $125 and 2,600 pesos in Mexico.

It is capable of supporting smart lights, SOS alarm to call for help when needed, one-key voice commands to allow Bluetooth calls. It weighs 480 grams, which makes it ideal for a 60 cm head circumference.

It has a remote control that turns the automatic brake light signal, front light to warn and super long rear light, 360º that provide safety to the user in any direction.

Huawei's new smart helmet – Technology – WebMediums
LED lights on the smart helmet

The turn signal that the smart helmet has is controlled through the application and the hand cannot be separated from the handle, the direction signal is transmitted to remind the vehicle to come from behind, it provides greater security and privacy.

It has an SOS alarm

If an accident occurs and the user hits the helmet thus activating the sensor, then the app will automatically send the assistance location data so that the emergency contact that the user established previously can locate it.

It has an integrated Bluetooth stereo speaker that can play music and Bluetooth calls, connect to the mobile app, answer the cell phone with the hands-free, has a group intercom and stays in contact with family and friends at any time that is necessary.

Thanks to the Bluetooth speaker, the user saves the complications that wired headphones can generate, so it does not require the user to put the plugs in the ears.

It also does not block the sounds that may be in the environment at that time and significantly optimizes safety when driving.

The LED lights

It has headlights that give the driver 360º protection. With the help of the gravity safety sensor any noticeable deceleration can be detected. The front and rear LED lights will illuminate for 8 seconds to warn of vehicles and pedestrians both ahead and behind.

The Smart Helmet has an outer shell that was made from very high strength ABS engineering plastic, making it highly resistant to impact and penetration. The core inside has an EPS cushioning layer that effectively cushions and protects and reduces damage when impacting.

Huawei has already launched its smart helmet.