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Improve your profile and add followers with these Tips for Social Networks

Enrique R
Enrique R
6 min read

Creating a profile on networks is the first step; Making it grow, entering trends and connecting with your followers with interesting publications, is the goal, and we help you achieve it.

There is a growing interest in people for everything related to content marketing 2021; many are considered suitable to handle profiles of their jobs or various organizations.

Looking at the reality, many people believe that creating a profile and publishing is being successful on the networks.

Below we provide you with valuable tips for a responsible use of the networks, which allows you to grow in followers and have influence in your sector.

Improve your profile and add followers with these Tips for Social Networks

Create an attractive profile for the audience you want to reach

As in any online project, when designing your profile you must be clear about the audience you will be targeting.

Using your real photo is always a good option, it is also necessary to explain very briefly what the account is after. If it is linked to a web platform, you must say so and attach the URL.

Using a curious or interesting fact about the topic also helps. The important thing is that it grabs the attention immediately and motivates to follow the account.

Having an email and personal site linked to your profiles is so important that it is a basic requirement to verify accounts on the largest social networks that we know of.

Interaction and communities

You start a profile from scratch and nobody gives you a sad like. The answer? Forget Follow me and I follow you, it has been frowned upon and treated at the spam level for a long time.

The best thing is to interact in communities of your subject, comment and interact with interesting publications of other people in your same area, eventually they will start to follow you.

Improve your profile and add followers with these Tips for Social Networks

How to find good communities on social networks?

Among the tips for social networks in 2021, HT become relevant. With internal search engines increasingly optimized, it is a great way to locate the first communities to interact.

Usually, the algorithm will show you the most relevant users and communities when using a certain HT.

Once you have identified several communities, you can locate the HTs that they use frequently to post content, use the same HTs and start publishing. It is time to make good contributions.

Publish content to add followers

Marketing in social networks will help you to add followers to your profiles if you know how to apply some tricks, among which the following stand out:

Split posts: If you have valuable current data, you can post it in parts.

Do not be afraid to segment the content like this, if you publish it in communities of followers of the subject and supporting you in linked HT, surely some will want to be attentive to the rest of the publications... and they will follow you!

References to external contributions: If you have articles published on your website or collaborations for other pages, podcast, physical publications, any contribution in the area outside the social network, you must mention it on occasions, that way the interested parties will know that you work generating content valuable on what they like, they will follow your account.

Improve your profile and add followers with these Tips for Social Networks

Interacting with small accounts

It's a strategy well understood by network advisors to great artists.

People with small accounts appreciate a lot when from an official profile of projects or personalities, they reply to a comment or quote them.

Remember that you are beginning to grow, and those small accounts will be your followers in the future, you must be interested in their contributions, and thus you will create the connection with people in your area.

At the macro level, to reach the strongest trends, other types of strategies are required, but there is a very important one:

Use special dates to make yourself known

In all social networks there will be millions of users interacting when on special holidays; All of this can be used if you know how to generate interesting messages.

Use curious anecdotes from the hand of well-designed images, always remembering to add HT on the subject (and the date, in this case).

So far it seems that by publishing a lot, using HT and following a certain strategy everything will grow but beware, there are rules that we must respect, on the one hand the laws and on the other because you can be sanctioned in your profile.

Improve your profile and add followers with these Tips for Social Networks

Responsibility in social networks

Because a good profile should not only be attractive, you have to comply with the community rules and respect your followers.

Interaction in 2.0 media nowadays demands a lot of responsibility, the black humor that previously promoted accounts with racist or sexist jokes, today can be the reason for your account to be banned, you must take it into account at all times.

Discrimination : Publications that discriminate against a sector by race, sex, religion or any similar reason can be a reason for your account to be banned, not only that, if you inadvertently escape the ban, there are user groups that would be in charge of "canceling you", that is, badmouth your account for discriminating against others, "spread the word" and most likely you will lose many followers in the short term.

Using HT or trends irresponsibly

We already recommend using HT before to improve your reach and add followers, but you must be careful.

If you abuse the best positioned tags to publish unrelated content, with an account that is not thematic either, they can report the account to you. What social networks pursue is the natural use of them, all these tricks must be used within that logic.

Improve your profile and add followers with these Tips for Social Networks

Scheduled publications

There are plugins that allow you to schedule publications, current and past, from a website, that is valid in the project profile, but when it comes to accounts not linked to a project that are automated with dozens of daily publications, there is a risk of banning.

Returning to the above: The natural use of accounts is the best way to avoid penalties on your social media profiles.

If you follow these tips for social networks, you will be able to interact and grow, forming your own community of followers, allowing you to promote projects from your accounts on the networks.