Do you know everything that has whatsapp plus for you?

Grecia De Flores
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WhatsApp is a recognized instant messaging application, which is used by thousands of millions of users around the world thanks to its easy-access platform and simple communications which has helped establish various types of communications throughout the world even with people who are on the other side of the world. It is known for many that a broad percentage of users, has begun to make the decision to use whatsapp plus as the main platform to continue with the company. This new update has been a wonder among the entire population which considers it so far the best version created. However and around its popularity, a series of questions and doubts has been created, which we will try to explore within this post.

What is whatsapp plus?

Whatsapp Plus is one of the most popular mods of the year 2021, in which hundreds of users have tools and benefits, above the usual platforms we all know. Thanks to the new updates, they have begun to add different and multiple functions which their version directed by the giant Facebook, does not have functions that the application, in its original version of WhatsApp from Facebook, is added. It does not have them such as:

· You have the possibility of sending multiple and various files, which may be larger than those that support the normal application that are only 16 MB.

· It is possible to deactivate reading confirmations, and you can also decide who you can and who will not see the confirmation of reading your messages.

· Likewise, this version has many more emojis who are going to love.

· You can have exclusive notifications about your contacts and if they are or not online.

· You can customize and play a little with the personalization of the application and its vistiness.

Do you know everything that has whatsapp plus for you? – Technology

How can I install whatsapp Plus V13.50 APK?

WhatsApp Plus V13.50 offers us an advantage over previous versions of WhatsApp Plus 17.00, since this does not have advertising and therefore our phone does not satiate at all. In order to access whatsapp plus, you must follow the following steps:

· The application began by low by means of the website of your trust.

· After it, you must activate the download of it and with it after a series of instructions, which must follow.

· At this point the application will ask you if you have already deleted the previous version of whatsapp with your components, as this one of the most important points of the installation.

· Below and after this last revision, you must register your phone number, which must be active for you to receive messages and calls.

· Once these steps are completed, you can enjoy whatsapp plus v13.50 and start customizing everything you want in it.

Know the difference between whatsapp plus and the original version of whatsapp

This version or your users the possibility of activating the airplane mode without any problems, as well as being able to send files with a large size without problem, having as limit 50 MB. You can also activate the dark mode so that your sight rests, and you will have the possibility to deactivate reading confirmations. This type of improvement provides users with the possibility of having greater privacy and being able to choose for themselves about the information they showed or not to their contacts.

Likewise, this special version has the possibility of choosing which contacts can be seen within the read confirmation. There are also excited users by the program to program that the messages will have.

How safe is to use this version of whatsapp?

Users who have used this version, have indicated on the implications they have, not only with their account, but also with the personal information of each user, to which many affirms that this version of WhatsApp, It is quite safe and reliable, despite being an APK that is not reached by means of official applications for this.