These are 5 revelations that made Facebook about their social networks.

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A series of internal reports, distributed by the US press, has made Facebook you have to reveal many things. The Wall Street Journal and other US media distributed internal reports of Facebook that came from someone From the organization of Mark Zuckerberg.

These are 5 revelations that made Facebook about their social networks.

One of the most striking data fragments was a review that showed that Facebook had realized that your informal organization Instagram ends up being "harmful" For some young teenagers. The organization has affirmed that it is only a unilateral translation of the information displayed by the media.

The following are five things that the disclosure of the internal reports discovered and the reaction given by the organization.

Facebook realized that Instagram Era "Veny" For teenagers

Possibly the main disclosure of the supposed "files of Facebook" It was an internal examination on what it meant Instagram for the existence of young people. In a summary, the informal organization discovered that the scenario was a place "harmful" For some young people.

According to scan slides, distributed by The Wall Street Journal, the 32% of the examined adolescents said that when they regretted their bodies, Instagram it aggravated them. To this, Facebook said that "is not exact"

These are 5 revelations that made Facebook about their social networks.
Facebook and Instagram.

"To tell the truth, the exploration showed that numerous young people who approach they feel that Instagram use helps them when they go on problematic occasions and problems that adolescents have constantly faced" said the interpersonal organization in an affirmation.

Of 12 Young problems- such as dejection, discomfort, problems and feeding problems — the informal organization made them "feel preferable instead of more horrible" In 11 of them, she said. Only 33% of those who had self-perception problems said they felt more horrible with the informal community, according to the affirmation.

In the midst of these reports, Facebook declared on Monday that I had required the plans to be postponed to ship Instagram, an adaptation of your informal community For children under the age of 13.

The big names were treated differently by Facebook

As indicated by the reports registered by The Wall Street Journal, numerous great names, legislators and customers high profile of Facebook These were delighted with an extraordinary treatment regarding content that manage to inform when being under a distinguished framework as Xcheck(cross verification).

For example, the Brazilian footballer Neymar was allowed to show nude photographs of a lady "to many devotees before Facebook eliminated the content", affirm the newspaper U.S.

Although Facebook supports that the analysis was "reasonable" it takes note that the frame xcheck makes the dissemination of complex topics easier. "This could incorporate activists that take out issues related to cases of vices or writers that reveal from fighting areas" says Facebook.

These are 5 revelations that made Facebook about their social networks.

Despite its rejection, the supervisory advice of Facebook, which resolves decisions about the direction of the tangled substance, has requested more frankness. In a blog post this week, the organism said that the revelations had "led to reflection on the apparently conflictive way in which the organization decides"

He warned that the absence of clarity in cross-checks could increase the idea that facebook was "improperly affected by political and business contemplations"

Since it began its research work on how facebook moderates the content, the supervisory advice, supported by Facebook, has made 70 suggestions on how the organization should work in his strategies.

La "Débil" Reaction to illegal exploitation.

The records documented in the American press recommended additionally that the workers of Facebook routinely identified the publications on the drug cartels and the traffickers of people, however, the reaction of the organization was "Fragile."

In November 2019, BBC News Arabic included a report presented by the topic of own harvest workers made available to be purchased through of Instagram.

According to the interior records, Facebook was at that aware moment of the issue. The Wall Street Journal announced that Facebook made a main restricted movement until Apple It took measures to eliminate your articles from your app store.

With due respect, Facebook said it had a "powerful procedure" To protect people, including "worldwide groups with local speakers covering more than 50 dialects, instructional assets and organizations with nearby specialists and external reality verifiers."

With due respect, Facebook said I had an "exhaustive system" To protect people, including "global groups with local speakers covering more than 50 dialects, instructional assets and associations with nearby specialists and external reality verifiers"

Experts warn that Facebook does not have the ability to direct all the substance in its foundation and ensure its 2,800 million customers. David Kirkpatrick, book writer The Facebook Effect, said to the BBC that it seemed that the informal organization did not have Inspiration "to effectively intervene the damage" outside the United States.

"They have done a lot of things, including hiring many content commentators" he said.

"In any case, a measure that caught me the attention of the Wall Street Journal was that, regardless of all your neutralization deception in 2020, Only 13% of that work became out of United" he added.

For an aid that is 90% external to the USA, And it has had a huge effect, in an awful way in government affairs of nations as the Philippines, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, are not effectively curing all that Kirkpatrick proposed that Facebook, so to speak, & quot; Reacted to the advertising pressures & quot; In the United States, since they could influence the cost of their offer.

Facebook faces a tremendous claim of investors

The organization of Zuckerberg is further faced with a disconcerting claim of its own investors. Terrtulia affirms, as well as other things, than the payment of 5,000 million dollars to the Government Trade Commission of States United To resolve the information scandal of Cambridge Analytics was so high, since it was intended to protect Zuckerberg of the individual obligation.

Facebook said it had nothing to say about the legitimate continuous matter.

Facebook is self-self-shipped

In another report, The New York Times showed that Facebook had dispatched a mission To promote positive news to work on your image. As the newspaper indicates, the PROJECT program. It was aimed" show individuals positive stories about the informal organization "

Facebook said there have been no progressions in your news classification frameworks.

In a progression of tweets, the representative Joe Osborne said a preliminary of what he called" a news unit of Facebook"It was small and simply restricted to" three urban areas. "It guarantees that the posts were unequivocally appointed as promoted by the firm. For Osborne, ERA" as the corporate obligation units that people see in other technological organizations and customer articles. "