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iPhone will now give you the option to repair your mobile of its brand

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

In a surprising move, Apple will offer access to the parts and manuals necessary to repair its mobile phones, aiding the so-called "right to repair".

iPhone will now give you the option to repair your mobile of its brand

The new help is classified as "self-managing fixes", and addresses a 180-degree turnaround in Apple's new provision; Not too long ago, the organization has put up a wide range of roadblocks for people who needed to fix their gadgets, lately coming to impede capabilities if we change the iPhone 13 screen.

Perhaps due to the analysis created by these options, today Apple has reported another program that will allow customers to obtain everything they need to fix their gadgets on their own, and without depending on anyone.

This will make it conceivable to continue using Apple PDAs regardless of whether we approach specialized assistance, or then again if the help for our gadget has ended.

The main models that will be important to the program are the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

In reality, customers will want to buy parts from Apple that are expected to be fixed directly; During the main program period, they will be limited to those that are replaced more regularly, such as the screen, battery and camera.

Later, Apple will offer more parts, and will support more devices, such as the new Macs with M1 processors.

Apple explains that this assistance is focused on people who have specialized information to do maintenance; and that, for many people, in any case it will be smarter to go to specialized help.

In any case, if we do not worry about "becoming the technology experts" and we already have some experience, we will approach the own resources that the approved administrations have; that incorporate manuals that reveal the steps point by point to fix the gadgets. To add a curve, Apple will also give limits to customers returning old parts for their gadget.

Self-administration arrangements will initially arrive in the United States in mid-2022; they are expected to reach other nations in the course of the following year.

It will be intriguing to perceive what this move means for the future enactment of the "right to fix", which at the time was gaining ground in the US and the EU and which Apple has fought against, in many events trying to affect the administrators.

Apple ventured to such an extreme as to say in 2019 before the United States Congress that it did not allow the fixation of its gadgets to protect customers from a "risky" process.

However, this stance does not fit in very well with its green deals, with options, for example, to remove the charger from the iPhone case.

Be that as it may, users were already modifying or managing to keep their phones with a useful life through unprofessional repairs, however, they work. We even know that the parts were already sold in unauthorized establishments, but obviously they are second-hand parts.

All of us who have had failures with iPhone devices know the famous micro Wi-Fi and bluetooth antennas of iPhone 6 that were replaced with the original ones to improve their performance due to connection failures. However, these were completely damaged after a few years.

If iPhone devices are a bit delicate, imagine yourself now with this new project. How will the new models and designs be? Completely flimsy? These are things that leave us wondering what will happen to the new generation of Apple.