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Meet the new Xiaomi 11T 5G

Fermín Díaz
15 min read
Meet the new Xiaomi 11T 5G – Technology – WebMediums
The beauty of the new Xiaomi 11T 5G


  1. Design and multimedia of the Xiaomi 11T 5G

  2. Hardware and software

  3. Autonomy possessed by Xiaomi 11T 5G

  4. Cameras that the Xiaomi 11T 5G brings

  5. Conclusions

W hen the fast unboxing of the Xiaomi 11T 5G is done, you can notice a device that comes in a white box with an 11 in a gold finish that looks great on it.

When uncovering it, the first thing we find is an envelope that keeps the respective little pin to remove the nano SIM slot, a silicone case that is appreciated to take care of the device and the manual or user guide as usual.

Then there is the cell phone with the most important features detailed on the front. Highlighting the 108 MP camera, the super amoled panel with 120 Hz refresh rate and dual stereo speakers.

The 1200 kit from mediatek and the 5000 milliamp battery with 67 watt fast charge. After browsing these details, we took our first look at the smartphone, which is somewhat large and looks very minimal with its glossy dark gray rear with a camera module in the upper left that steals all eyes.

Now we put aside the cell phone and the last thing we find in the box is the charger with its respective USB cable, and it has something that is very appreciated.

Especially since some brands no longer include it with their cell phones. Now I invite you to continue reading to learn more about this beauty of smartphone.

Design and multimedia of the Xiaomi 11T 5G

Speaking of the physical aspect, in reality there is not much to comment on, since we are facing a device that stands out for its simplicity and minimalism, with a flat and shiny gray back, with a very subtle striped pattern that is also a magnet for fingerprints.

It is not a very virtuous mobile with gradients or many details in terms of colors and others. So it is more of a more sober and sophisticated proposal, which can be interesting for many and boring for others.

What is true is that on the rear the camera module is located in the upper left corner and steals all the limelight. It is large and has two levels.

In the first we find the LED flash, and in the second the three lenses, two large and one small in the middle, protruding a little from the rest of the body.

Of course, this is not a big problem when placing the mobile on a flat surface.

As for the materials, we have glass for the back, aluminum on the edges and glass victus e & p 53 protection against water and dust.

In terms of construction and durability, everything is very good, especially considering that this is a large 6.67-inch device that cannot be perfectly grasped with one hand.

Despite that, the sensations it transmits with or without covers are very good, it is very comfortable and relatively light with its 203 grams of weight and 9 millimeters of thickness.

Very good figures considering its generous battery. In this way, despite not being compact to grip with one hand, it does not slip and gives us security.

Added to that, the buttons are very well located. By the way, in terms of connectivity, in the lower part we have the USB type C port, the slot for the dual nano SIM and the main speaker that complements the one found in the upper part.

On the left side we have it totally clean and on the right we find the volume up and down buttons and the fingerprint reader that works perfectly and acts as off and on.

Although it would have been better if it was on the screen, which being amoled could be integrated.

Completing the connectivity in addition to 5G, we have nfc.5.2 and Wi-Fi 6. We only miss the headphone jack and the possibility and possibility to expand the memory through a micro SD.

Moving to the front, we have a small selfie camera in a hole in the central part of the screen and very symmetrical frames except for the curved edges.

In general, we have a flat screen with an 85% body radio screen and some very interesting features in terms of technology. We are talking about a 6.67-inch amoled panel with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and touch sampling of up to 480 Hz.

These are aspects that together with the full HD plus resolution, the density of 395 pixels per inch and a brightness that averages about 700 nits at maximum and can reach 1000 nits under the sun, without a doubt puts it in a good place in the world high-end.

More if we take into account that the experience is very good in terms of contrast, colors and sharpness.

In addition to the fact that we have a range of configuration options in the system, being able to change the mode from light to dark to get more out of the autonomy and also change all the values in the screen settings.

You can from choosing the color to adjusting the contrast, gamut and other aspects.

In this way, congratulations on Xiaomi offering a customizable experience, and it will always be beneficial for the user.

Meet the new Xiaomi 11T 5G – Technology – WebMediums
Great design of the Xiaomi 11T 5G

In particular, I recommend the lived mode that is not very saturated and gives us a great experience to consume all kinds of content.

With that large screen, this cell phone is ideal to have an exquisite multimedia experience. Other points to mention is that the difference between the 60 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate is too noticeable.

In the transitions everything looks very fluid and optimized, not to mention the games. Also comment that the "always on" mode is an added value to always see the time, date, notifications and battery status. Something that is great and should always be taken into account when buying a cell phone.

So this Xiamoi 11T 5G is at the forefront when it comes to technology. But with the great differential of what other brands offer in terms of software, which is something that makes a difference.

To finish this multimedia section, touch round everything with the audio. Another of the strengths of this cell phone is that it forms a great set with the screen, since we have a pair with stereo speakers with support for Dolby Atmos.

In addition, we also have many options to customize and choose the sound profile that we like the most, and as such a fairly powerful sound with a low level of distortion throughout the volume range, a high level of frequencies and projection of the audio towards the speakers sides to give greater directionality in series and movies.

Hardware and software

Now it is the turn to talk about the performance in the system of this Xiaomi 11T 5G.

It should be noted that one of the differences with its PRO brother is that this normal model bets on the 8-core mediatek Dimensity 1200 kit, which is built at 6 nanometers and comes with a Mali G77 GPU along with 8 GB of 4x LP ddr RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage ufc 3.1.

The processor provides a performance similar to a snapdragon 870, it is very good and with it, we will have a very decent experience in the high range.

Precisely, opening all kinds of applications is a joy, it is very fast and multitasking is also phenomenal. So we can have all our social networks open, and return to each process without closing or getting stuck.

So there is no inconsistency in this regard, and having tested high-end snapdragon processors, they have nothing to envy.

Exactly, the numbers prove it. In applications like Geekbench 5 we have a good score in the single core of 798 and especially in multicore of 3041 where it shares ground with the Exynos 2100 and the snapdragon 870.

With regard to games, after testing several of the most demanding in terms of graphics and the processor, the experience is exquisite, the performance is maintained, and it is possible to play with graphics at the top, and we have almost no heating. Only slightly slight if we keep playing for a long time, but nothing annoying as such.

The efficiency of the processor and cooling system do their job. This Xiaomi 11T 5G is ideal for playing, creating and consuming content, due to its great multimedia section and remarkable performance in different demanding processes.

In short, it is a high-end experience. But none of this could happen without the MIUI 12.5 software, the Xiaomi layer on Android 11, which has received many criticisms by users, but which is becoming more and more polished, and which offers us multiple possibilities in its favor to customization and adjustments.

Meet the new Xiaomi 11T 5G – Technology – WebMediums
Xiaomi 11T 5G hardware

This is how we can change the transition effects of the home screen design, the size of the icons, add numerous widgets and others with respect to the main menu, where MIUI allows you to customize the experience to the smallest detail.

The same happens with the settings, we can customize the always on mode, the notification effect, apply lift to activate or double tap to activate and turn off the screen.

As for notifications, we can change the bar and choose the MIUI or Android style. Also select the style of the control center among other details.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that we have interesting pre-installed applications and others that only mess up the system.

But of the interesting and typical of the brand, we have the so-called security where we can access the cleaner to free memory, the security analysis, speed increase, application manager and deep cleaning, battery, and interesting options such as the game mode Game turbo where we can touch everything to have a better game experience.

Being very objective, it shows that the layer has matured and although it lacks polishing a bit, it is increasingly moving away from that layer full of latex and sudden closures.

In what it provides, it convinces with great ease and fluidity, showing itself as a great solid layer and with great customization.

So far, we can note that the Xiaomi 11T 5G is very balanced in general, and the cherry on the cake could not be other than autonomy.

Autonomy possessed by Xiaomi 11T 5G

The Xiaomi 11T 5G offers a 5000 milliamp battery that gives us up to 10 or 11 hours of screen and about 31 hours of autonomy on average with the 120 Hz refresh rate.

Figures that border on excellence and that make this cell phone even more attractive, by guaranteeing at least one day of autonomy even with very intense use in a performance mode, playing or rendering, and thus the use is more moderate with social networks, videos, navigation and others.

Meet the new Xiaomi 11T 5G – Technology – WebMediums
Autonomy of the Xiaomi 11T 5G

With a medium brightness and a Wi-Fi activated we can go to the charger after two days, and the purpose with the charger, this is one of the differences with the PRO model, since we do not have 120 watts of fast charge but 67 watts.

Which is still a large number in any case and that allows us to charge the cell phone to 100% in just 44 minutes approximately. Something fantastic about considering that it will be a good few hours until the next charge.

Cameras that the Xiaomi 11T 5G brings

This is a very important section for many users. This Xiaomi 11T 5G retains the camera configuration of its PRO brother, with a 108 MP Samsung main sensor with a focal aperture of 1.75. A Sony ultra-wide 8 MP with a focal aperture of 2.2 and a 5MP Samsung macro with a focal aperture of 2.4.

Downloading the application is very intuitive and simple with all the essentials at hand, although the super macro mode is not visible in the main ones, and we have to go to the options' menu to find it.

For the rest we have everything usual with hdr, artificial intelligence, filters, below we have the more tab with which we can select the very necessary and relevant night mode, the capture at 108MP, short videos, panoramic, documents, blogs for creators, slow motion, timelapse, film effects, long exposure, dual video and clone.

Regarding the results, it can be said that during the day in an undemanding setting, the main camera gives a result, with good colors, a white balance, according to the setting and correct dynamic brando.

This on sunny days and open spaces where the photos are practically excellent, since when night comes, or we do not have good natural or artificial lighting, it is when we notice that the edges are blurred and some noise begins to appear.

But still the results are very good, especially if the night mode that takes a few seconds to capture, but that gives us a noticeable difference in terms of lighting and details with respect to the automatic mode, so it is very worth it and is appreciated.

As for the 108 MP mode, the advantage is that of course we have more details, but it is something that is noticeable only when zooming in or cropping the image, otherwise it is not preferable to use it.

Regarding the ultra-wide angle, unfortunately the quality drops in terms of detail, but on the level of exposure, contrast, saturation and white balance there are almost no differences. So good in that regard.

On cloudy days, at dusk and at night, its shortcomings are notable. His lack of level to compete in the big leagues is very noticeable.

In portrait mode, regardless of whether it is night or day, the results are very pleasing. Highlight the person or object well and blurs the background well. Standing out even more when the contrast is greater with the background.

In addition, the details on the skin are remarkable and that is also nice. On the macro when opting for 5MP, we have better results than the usual macros with 2MP especially if there is enough light. The photos are very decent and the level of detail as well.

Speaking of the front, having tried other alternatives of the mid-range and the high-end, it is concluded that it is located in the average, that is, it does not stand out above the average.

Which is not bad either, since the results are decent and taking a selfie in automatic portrait mode and posting it on social networks, complies.

Meet the new Xiaomi 11T 5G – Technology – WebMediums
Xiaomi 11T 5G cameras

But as with the ultra-wide angle, it is not at the level of the best, since the detail such as the contrast have a margin for improvement. Something that is noticeable especially at night.

As for video recording, we have a 1080p recording up to a maximum of 4K, we also have slow motion mode, film effects, blogs and dual video.

Options that for content creators are a very important plus. Speaking of the results, the recording is very solvent, especially during the day or in favorable conditions and going on to have optical stabilization.

Especially with a stabilization mode that works at 1080p and works very well during the day.

Outside of night and low lighting we have good results in 4K as in full HD with balanced videos in exposure and color.

In summary, it is something like transferring the photographic experience to the video experience, with the difference that here the results at night could be much better, since the noise is remarkable.

The rest is a great camera to record with artificial and natural light, and it is the most we should care about.


We are facing a cell phone with a brutal quality-price ratio, since for only $500 it offers us some of the most balanced and solid experiences on the market, thus competing with the Realme GT or the POCO F3.

Only that it is a more interesting bet, since it does not differ almost from its PRO brother. Just because of the processor, which is very good as well as the fast charge that is also very fast.

Otherwise, it offers the same benefits being a very balanced and powerful phone. Which is not at all unreasonable to place in the high range and that comes in handy for all types of user. So without a doubt it has everything to be a good bestseller.

Therefore, the Xiaomi 11T 5G is a fully recommended smartphone if you are looking for outstanding materials, construction, performance, multimedia, autonomy and cameras.

The value for money of the Xiaomi 11T 5G is unmatched.