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Meta is developing a new smartwatch with options to receive video calls

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

Meta is creating a smartwatch, a smartwatch equipped to interface with its foundation to make video decisions with the coordinated camera.

Meta is developing a new smartwatch with options to receive video calls

Meta will focus even more on improving teams, after Facebook made some first advancements with the Facebook Portal. Now called Meta, Zuckerberg's organization has finished with Oculus and will ship all future devices under its new name.

The enormous advantage of the Meta watch will be in the correspondence, on account of the consideration of a small front camera on the screen, similar to that of a mobile phone; to accommodate it, you have needed to place a "bookmark" that takes some screen space.

Impressively, it appears that the camera will not be at the top of the screen, but at the base.

This camera would allow us to make video decisions using Meta applications, such as Messenger and WhatsApp, although there is no statement of authority at the moment.

However, with your own gadgets you would have more opportunity to carry out new innovations.

Although the placement of a camera on a smartwatch is not something new, it would be the first time that one of the large technological organizations has dared to send a commercial article of this type; It is expected that it will provoke some debate as a result of the possible ramifications in terms of protection, although yesterday Zuckerberg guaranteed that he has some tests underway to really analyze the effect of the cameras of his gadgets on security.