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Microsoft takes a step towards a password-free internet

Andy Vilchez
3 min read
Microsoft takes a step towards a password-free internet – Technology

Surely on more than one occasion you will have forgotten the password for your email or your social networks. This is something that has happened to all of us and is likely to continue to happen. The truth is that for many people, passwords can be a headache. That is why many companies are beginning to opt for other technologies to replace this one.

One of the companies that is committed to leaving Microsoft behind, last Thursday, the company announced that it will allow its users to log in through Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello, biometric or facial authentication or verification by SMS.

Passwords, a necessary evil

Microsoft takes a step towards a password-free internet – Technology

It is no secret to anyone that passwords have been a necessary evil, although many people do not like them, they are necessary. Until now they have been the only "effective" method of keeping our accounts safe. But the truth is that these are used mainly because there is no other alternative. But companies are making progress in this regard, so it is very likely that in some years passwords will be obsolete forever.

Although realistically, it is unlikely that passwords will end up disappearing. After all, there are systems in which it will not be possible to implement these new authentication methods.

No system is 100% secure, no matter how good and secure you think your password is, it can be compromised. Today hackers have the resources and knowledge to do that. Also, another of the problems why people don't like passwords is that they tend to forget them.

How do I remove the password from my Microsoft account?

Removing the password for Microsoft accounts is a really easy step. As with similar services, you need to download an application on your mobile device. This application is Microsoft Authenticator. Next, you will need to link your account with the application.

When you already have the application on your mobile device, you will need to access your Microsoft account. Once there, you must access the security options of your account. From these options, you will be able to approve the use of Authenticator and your account passwords will disappear.

If you get bored, you have nothing to worry about, after all, this change can be reversed at any time.

Microsoft is not alone

Microsoft is not the only company that has opted to leave passwords behind. Companies like Adobe, Google and Apple have been making advances in this type of technology.

Both Adobe and Google have a similar application, and they allow you to log in without the need for a password. Apple would also be working on its own technology that will allow you to bypass passwords. The application in question is called Passkeys and that we can use on iPhones.

What do you think? Would you like passwords to disappear or are you comfortable with them?