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Netflix takes the lead at the Emmys and makes us all cry

Grecia De Flores
4 min read

It seems incredible that it was only last year, together with the pandemic as the main obstacle, when the entertainment awards ceremonies reached very low audience levels, which is why many were concerned about this year's audience. However, this trend was tried to change in the Emmy that took place this Sunday, in which it was possible to glimpse the recovery of a certain normality among the spectators, although the gala of the same was seen somewhat decaffeinated and with a reduced format.

IF we talk about highlighting, Netflix was one of the revelation platforms on this occasion, in which it swept thanks to different crops such as The Crown, winning as best drama series and also the renowned Lady's Gambit, who took the statuette for best miniseries. However, among all the thanks and speeches, the Television Academy did not get the rhythm of the ceremony that was so long awaited, since it had 600 guests in person inside a small tent, as reported by the medium "Efe Agency".

At the beginning of the summer, the Emmy began to announce the great display of guests with which they would have, which would also be supported by a wide vaccination campaign, which left everyone under great expectation given the high rate of infections that are registered still within the US, forcing a last-minute change of plans. The capacity was reduced significantly, to five people for each production that is nominated, likewise the guests sat at round tables inside the closed tent where the event was held right at the foot of the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Netflix takes the lead at the Emmys and makes us all cry – Technology

There was a little confusion within the participants

Seth Rogen said he felt uncomfortable because of the small size of the room; comment I made when making the announcement of the first prize of the night to which several uncomfortable laughter was awakened in the attendees. Likewise, special stars such as Jennifer Aniston, declined their invitation to the event in order to minimize the risk of contagion that could exist, as well as the winner of best dramatic actress Olivia Colman, who made fantastic interventions from London, since they were able to fly to California.

The tent also had a tiny stage, which could not give enough space to the cameras despite the multiple efforts of the presenter Cedric the Entertainer, who was in charge of a rather acid script and far from the sentimentality of the previous ceremonies..

Michaela Coel, with one of the most emotional speeches of the entire ceremony

Of all the speeches of thanks that could be heard during the candlelight, one of the most moving was that of Michaela Coel, who is the protagonist of the miniseries "I could destroy you." Although the actress did not achieve the Emmy for "best performance" her performance managed to embody a woman, after much pain and anger, she tries to overcome the trauma she suffered as a result of a rape. However, it won an award with greater meaning and is the best script, since this series is based on his personal experience and the pain through which he went through.

The joy of Kate Winslet and Olivia Colman who was happy to tears

Among all the awards that night, three veterans of acting shared the awards considered as the most important of the night: Kate Winslet (miniseries), Olivia Colman (drama) and Jean Smart (comedy).

Winslet won the best actress Emmy award, since she gave life to a listless policewoman in Mare of Easttown, it should be noted that her reaction was anything but apathetic.

Between laughter, hugs and many emotions, she said to herself excitedly "Okay, breathe...", on stage, and then thanked the scriptwriters for creating such a substantial and special character. After that Colman, winner in the drama category for the series "The Crown" did not hide his visible surprise and told everyone present that he had bet money that he could not win. Wrapped in hugs and by the entire cast from London, the emotions became visible.

Smart, on the other hand, managed to win an Emmy thanks to Hacks, an award that she also dedicated to her husband who died 6 months ago. Much more discreet were the boys Josh O'Connor (drama), Ewan McGregor (miniseries) and Jason Sudeikis (comedy), who opted to wear discreet blue suits when they received their award for Ted Lasso.