New Laptop Gaming Alienware X15. The technology of this laptop is impressive.

Alvaro Salazar
8 min read

Alienware continues to launch new and powerful set devices. But with this new x15 they were a bit with my hand and this was the result.

You may think that I have not characterized all game marks recently; In short, they are linked to get the most out of the team, and to do it with style. However, even in this area we have brands of first line games, and alienware has a place in it. The brand, claimed by Dell, has been offering the most pointer team at a few ages of players, and with the new x15 repeats the experience.

New Laptop Gaming Alienware X15. The technology of this laptop is impressive.

Deeply, Intel Core i7-11800h of 16 threads that reach 4,6Ghz, combined with 32 GB of RAM and exactly a card Video NVIDIA RTX 3080. Is the beginning and the purpose that you could need in a pc for, however, at first, users do not accept that this really came team; In fact, when you review the PC your first idea is that Dell would have put the leg.

Alelling design

The alienware x15 is excessively flimsy. Excessively lightweight. It is absolutely impossible for it to be equipped to withstand the components that make it up, refrigerate the pieces as needed, and achieve a great execution in the process; It was possibly the terrible participation in other delicate PCs that needed to renounce the power of the GPU.

All this is what we see when opening the Alienware box. However, at that time you realize a detail, something extremely strange and peculiar: this PC does not have ports on the sides;We do not have USB or anything. In equal conditions, the sides are covered by refrigeration spaces.

This describes the design of alienware x15

The pieces begin to fit. When opening the PC, and it occurred to me: the need when planning this PC has been that of cooling, with which to all effects the fourth top of the device is dedicated only to this capacity.

New Laptop Gaming Alienware X15. The technology of this laptop is impressive.

However, only alienware could have that need, and mix it with a wonderful plan. In fact, this PC is full of openings, open surfaces and channels, but none of them is terrible to see.

Components such as honeycomb slots on the console are repeated at the bottom of the pillow to drag your finger, and wherever you look at an intriguing component, an inquisitive detail.

As the POWER button, the famous exterior of alienware that lightly lights up in contrast to the rest of the PC, which also appears at the back. Or on the other hand the "15" Engraved on the PC cover with an extremely polished typography.

Or also the white tone, as used from time to time on the game devices, and that here it fits so well that you need more brands to start using it. The environment of the box is also very different, a little more than expected, but very attractive.

Bathed in light

RGB lighting was an absolute necessity, even though I have not seen many like this one; Look where you look, you will have small lights. Obviously, the console is illuminated, but that is not what attracts the most of the design; It is the atmosphere, and above all the movement of the keys.

Although it is a PC for games, the performance is really very good in it, and it is considered a decent option as PC "off-road", with great performance both at work and In computer games. Surprisingly, it can not be said that the trackpad is the best of the team; It is excessively small and does not produce a positive feeling for users.

New Laptop Gaming Alienware X15. The technology of this laptop is impressive.

The size is reasonable, since all the console and the trackpad come together to carry out refrigeration, but that is not justification. Basically, the trackpad is also illuminated; Actually, a trackpad illuminated RGB, a serious extreme detail that probably is not great, but as this is an alienware, not only recognize it, but you boast of it.

Execution of incredible processes

There is no utilization by boasting whether the presentation is not adequate, and we can say that alienware has not retained the assets. In fact, everything that was examined on the design is indicated towards refrigeration within the gadget and therefore obtain the complete exposure of the equipment.

Practically, that becomes high task rates every second in each of the games that have been tested in the local goal of 2K, exceeding 83 fps in shadow of the Tomb Raider, 76 fps in F1 2021 and 60 FPS in control. Manufacturing tests have been equally acceptable, with a 3D Mark score of 10,361 fps.

The actual game tests were all pleasant, and certainly there is no current title that drowns, all with the designs established high or very high. Deep and 9220 in Multicentro in GeekBench 5.

As attractive, it is the design of this x15, it is granted that your genuine force is the execution of processes. That is the place where you face the best, and considering that you do not get the best numbers in general, it is absolutely in the "pantheon" of the workstations for more impressive games there are.

Inconveniences that make you crazy about alienware x15

Alienware has made a ton of beneficial things with this x15, however, the majority would agree that you have further committed errors; Some of them so fundamental that a basic test with genuine individuals would have been useful to find out.

The first second in which it feels that the PC was fighting against you is the time you try to connect a mouse USB. The alienware x15 does not end with the screen, however, has a small expansion on the back, which is the place where most ports are over; Ordinarily I could want that situation, since it maintains the links away in case you are using a mouse, however, the execution of processes of dell leaves a lot to be desired.

New Laptop Gaming Alienware X15. The technology of this laptop is impressive.

Simply connecting a USB can be a discipline more similar to Greek condemnation; In addition to the fact that it is difficult to do it without course, however, regardless of whether we get up and look, we probably will not discover the connection. The lighting of the background is excessively solid, as is logical, and regardless of whether it is not in the dark, makes the port region imperceptible to our eyes.

Also, why bother to have ports in the rear region if the one that you are going to use, the force link, does not interconnect there, but on the left side? This link also has a light that indicates that it is connected, and does not turn off when we closed the PC; In case you have it in your room or near the bed, it is an important aggravating. In addition, you will keep the force line constantly connected, since the battery of this PC is not suitable to withstand a use of more than four hours, five in case you are not doing a lot.

In any case, effectively, the greatest discomfort with this alienware arrives when you are going to press the Escape key, I despected, and I contacted with the ventilation grille somewhat higher. Say that it was "consumed" The finger is a bit exaggerated, but the feeling was not wonderful. This PC is heated, with interior temperatures that reach 100 for the cpu and 76 degrees for the GPU.

You have to explain that this is not dangerous; The PC can delete heat created without problems, with an alienware frame with smoke chambers and openings mentioned above. There is no risk that this heat remains inside and damages the structure, and whenever I finished playing, temperatures have returned to typical levels immediately.

A PC for single games

A more perspective on what dell do not have'None of the parties, which are suitable for the most end of this equipment. It worries much more if the temperatures had been lower, and that the presentation would not have reached the levels I have tried, particularly at this cost.

It is a novel pc, presumably the most infrequent that this 2021 has been launched. In fact, even equal equipment, the alienware differed from the rest as to Flat, refrigeration and small subtleties that make it discuss with any individual who see you use it.

The purchase of an alienware has always been something within the compass of a handful of chosen ones; long ago the mark was clearly for "authorities", particularly "experts with money." With a base cost of 2,198.99 euros on Dell's site, that is still evident.