Lithuania asks its population to get rid of their Chinese mobile phones, since there is the likelihood of espionage through these.

Alvaro Salazar
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Lithuania Ask your residents not to use mobiles Chinese for the paranoid fear to be monitored. The Public Authority of the Baltic Nation states that the phones Xiaomi are investigated by up to 449 types of uncomfortable expressions for Beijing.

The Lithuanian Government has asked its population not to use Chinese manufacturers phones for fear that serve as a channel for secret activities. This suggestion is addressed to all residents of the European Union (EU).

Lithuania asks its population to get rid of their Chinese mobile phones, since there is the...
Danger of atonement

The online protection office of Lithuania, which depends on the Ministry of Defense, has claimed to have discovered evidence that mobile phones of the well-known China brand Xiaomi have a framework that recognizes and edits uncomfortable topics for the Beijing system. In this way, when searches are performed with terms, for example, "Tibet opportunity" "development based on vote" O "Autonomy of Taiwan" The browser offers results (data and images) according to what China needs to show, hiding accordingly what is not.

Lithuanian exploration claims to have found up to 449 joints of this type that, therefore, are hampered by the MI model. He realizes that, when working on Chinese soil, these mobiles apply limitations and blue pencil dubious political points, for example, on suppression against the Muslim minority UIGHR.

How lithuania is acting against this

In principle, that component is weakened in devices sold in different regions such as the EU. However, the Lithuanian Network Safety Office claims to have confirmed that this capacity can reactivate remotely without any problem.

The report also discovered a security failure in the p45g model, also a Chinese brand. Likewise, it takes note that the model of Xiaomi dissected sends coded information on the use of the Gadget to a worker located in Singapore, something that would fail to comply with the European Security Laws of the information.

Lithuania asks its population to get rid of their Chinese mobile phones, since there is the...

This also does the PDA of different organizations, except if they are indicated in a case in their configuration. The technological monsters of the states"United have penetrated over and over again in that law.

Xiaomi has reacted to the accusations of Lithuania denying the greatest. " Xiaomi You have never limited, or you will burn any client's close behavior of our mobile phones, for example, look, calls, expertise on the web or the use of self-mapping", he says the affirmation given by the organization on Thursday.

Political pressure in Lithuania

The Lithuanian election occurs both of a specific discretionary tension between Vilnius and Beijing. Last month, China withdrew its representative from Lithuania and asked him to do the same as retaliation after Taiwan declared that his political mission in the Baltic nation would be called "Agent's office in Taiwan"

This last word is the one that aggravates China, since it considers that the island is its region and that your ad could give the impression of being an acknowledgment of your power and independence of Beijing. Although they do not work as consulates, Taiwanese missions in different nations, such as the union>, they are called using the name of the city of Taipei To get away from the anguish China.

In May, Lithuania also reported its distrust to China to Remove of the Supposed 17 + 1, a collaboration agreement with the countries of Europe East that guaranteed the Asian giant the possibility of providing resources to its framework (and, therefore, to increase its Impact in the area).

Despite the political withdrawal, China has reacted by restricting the exchange and suspending the railway administration between both nations. Lithuania has called for strength to its European accomplices and solidarity despite the implacable response of China and its capacity for conciliation, politics and financial in search of its inclinations.

The message was clear: Get rid of Chinese phones.

That was the warning of the Lithuanian government to residents who have a device manufactured in China. The leader also exhusted not to buy another one." Our proposal is not to buy new phones Chinese and get rid of the bought as fast as possible "said Defense Minister, Margiris Abukevicius.

This warning arrives after a report from the National Cybersecurity Center that tried phones 5g of the Chinese manufacturers. Specialists distinguished that a Xiaomi gadget had inherent control devices, while another model of Huawei could be impotent against digital assaults. Huawei, however, rejected that the information about telephone customers was sent abroad.


As indicated by the report of the Lithuanian experts, the leading phone of Xiaomi, the Mi 10t 5g, has A programming that could distinguish and control terms, for example,"Free Tibet", "Long live the autonomy of Taiwan" or "Development of the Popular Government"

Huawei P40.

Lithuania asks its population to get rid of their Chinese mobile phones, since there is the...

The examination also showed an imperfection on the 5g phone imperfection"of Huawei that put customers in danger of breaking the protection of the network.

"The real application store of Huawei, Appgallery, guides customers to external electronic stores where a part of the applications were surveyed by antivirus programs such as malignant or contaminated With infections", said a joint statement from the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania and its national cybersecurity center.

A representative of Huawei told the BBC that the organization conforms to the laws and guidelines of nations where it works and focuses on network security. "Information is never handled outside the Huawei apparatus", it guaranteed.

"Appgallery Solo collects and cycle the important information to allow your customers to search, enter and monitor external applications, similar to how they do (other applications stores)" he added.

Huawei also performs security checks to ensure that the client only download "Applications that are safe" he said. The group of Lithuanian specialists also analyzed another model of Oneplus 5g, but considered that I had no problems.

The question began when Taiwan declares that its missions in Lithuania would be known as a representation office of Taiwan. Other consulates of Taiwan in Europe and states United use the name of the country's capital, taipéi, to avoid a reference to the real island, which China claims as your own domain.