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New Nothings ear (1) high quality wireless headphones

Alvaro Salazar
6 min read

The Nothing ears (1) are finally on sale, and we have had the option to check if they meet expectations.

New Nothings ear (1) high quality wireless headphones – Technology
Nothing Ear (1)

What's more, the assumptions were high. Nothing is one of the innovation organizations that has stimulated the most compelling sentiments in informal communities, even before introducing its first product.

The Ear (1) are a 'Genuine Wireless' type remote headphones, that is, the direct competition of the AirPods Pro, however, for only 99 euros / $.

To understand the 'publicity' created by this organization, we must remember that it was created through Carl Pei, fellow benefactor of OnePlus alongside Pete Lau.

In the same way that OnePlus was brought to the world as an option against large companies, willing to offer the equivalent, however cheaper, Nothing is presented to rekindle that fire, setting the spotlight with a unique design.

Extraordinary headphones

This is what sets these headphones apart. Ear (1) of the vast number of remote headsets available: Your plan.

At all times, Nothing's thought was to make innovative "undetectable" products, incorporated into our lives as if they weren't there. This implies that the first product of the organization is "simple" or, in any case, really simple given the current limitations.

One thing is clear: There could be no other headphones like these.

In case innovation is your need, look no further; unexpectedly, Nothing Ears (1) manage to attract more attention despite the use of transparencies, or unequivocally as a result of it.

Presentation of the product

The charging case reflects good quality. It is made of transparent plastic, so we can see the headphones recharging inside, something that we cannot say about any other model.

The interior parts are hidden in a white compartment, so the whole set gives an extremely inquisitive ethereal slant.

New Nothings ear (1) high quality wireless headphones – Technology
Nothing Ear Design (1)

Still, Nothing hasn't had the option of making the case's practical pieces disappear, such as the hinge, USB-C charging pin, or magnets that ensure the case doesn't pop open all of a sudden. When we open it to take the headphones, we will see an exceptionally curious detail:

The magnet that keeps them mounted and the charging contact are in better places, this is because they are in the same place.

That suggests that, from the outset, you have to be a bit cautious when placing the headphones for charging, making sure that the metal parts of the "pistil" are in contact with those that work to recharge the headphones.

It is those little subtleties that are noticeable when you have the case at your fingertips, in those minutes when you have nothing to do and simply listen to music.

It is also the subtleties that attract the attention of the people who see you with these headphones, which produce discussion and interest.

So I can't resist the urge to be somewhat disappointed with current headphones; they have little to do with the models and reviews Nothing delivered some time ago, and they look more like traditional headphones, albeit with a decent design.

How are these Nothing Ear (1)?

First of all, they are not simple; rather, they are generally white, with the dark pistil covered in clear plastic which gives them a touch of elegance.

Carl Pei clarified some time ago that “Working with direct plastic includes a greater number of problems than one can imagine, and without a doubt that, and the expenses, have influenced the final result, however, really, I cannot gather enough willpower to worry”.

Experience when using these headphones

The comfort of the Ear (1) is equally extraordinary; They are very similar to the AirPods Pro, because of the way they sit on the ear, unlike other headphones that "plug in" them.

In short, the insulation is perfect and they weigh very little, 4.7 grams each. It is exceptionally easy to get used to wearing them. In return, Nothing has given up on battery life, as they only last 5 hours, although the power case makes up for it by giving 34 hours of life.

A ton of quality at an incredible price

In the event that the Nothing Ear (1) if the deactivation of secondary sounds had not come with them we would not have complaints for 99 euros, a large number of their opponents in this value range do not have it, and that is without this extremely current design.

New Nothings ear (1) high quality wireless headphones – Technology
Nothing Ear (1)

It's an exceptionally lovely shock that the Ear (1) that this earphone has the option to turn off secondary sounds like notifications.

It is not the best in this area as it cannot completely get rid of the secondary sound, however it is basically available and the best part is that we can design it due to the application of the brand; it is there where we will discover the option to set the option to 'major', or select a 'light' mode, which produces fewer secondary sounds when trying to eliminate the main sounds.

Extra options that the Nothing Ear application brings us (1)

Additionally, we have a straightness mode, which perfects the outside sound.

Finally, from the application we can design the touch controls, incorporated in the upper part of the pistil, as well as use an equalizer to adjust the sound as we prefer.

However much we get in touch with that equalizer, it is difficult to get around the limits of these headphones. I have to explain that Nothing ears (1) don't sound bad, but they don't sound terribly bad either; in case you had to characterize the sound with a single word, it would be medium.

They won't excite or stun us, yet they won't wipe out our favorite tracks. The built-in microphones follow a similar tone, and are satisfactory for calls.

You're inclined that the 11.6mm drivers could have been pushed a digit louder, and that Nothing didn't is on the grounds that it needed the force or on the grounds that the battery was much more terrible than it was. which is currently.

Whatever the explanation, I can't help but suspect that they are not being fully exploited.

Regarding sound codecs, they support AAC as well as SBC for sound clarity, however, they do not support high-level codecs, even though it cannot be demanded at this price.

Genuinely exceptional

That is the way in the Nothing Ear (1), the cost. It is .99 euros is exceptionally modest for the product they are presenting: a more normal design of "premium" products and options that no other more expensive or "better quality" headset has.

These are not the headphones that I would suggest in case you are looking for acceptable sound in this value range; the Jabra Elite 3 are better in that regard, but they do not have the elimination of secondary sound which is particularly interesting.

In case you're looking for a modest, well-designed headphone, the Nothing ear (1) should be at the top of your list.