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New Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Pure audio quality

Alvaro Salazar
6 min read

These are not top-notch headphones. Samsung actually offers the Galaxy Buds Pro as its generally complete and amazing option. Although obviously these Galaxy Buds 2 adopt their way of thinking and their configuration lines.

Starting at € 149, the Galaxy Buds are squarely faced with exceptionally surprising options in the business. For example, the OnePlus Buds Pro, which cost precisely something very similar. However, the Samsung have some advantages, as we will see below.

New Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Pure audio quality – Technology – WebMediums
This is the Buds 2 and these are the available colors

An extraordinary plan from Samsung launching these Buds 2

The plan is the perspective that will initially catch your eye. The cargo packaging is essentially the same as that of the Galaxy Buds Pro, with a square shape with straight edges that we can carry in our pocket without difficulties.

It is more modest than what is seen in the photos, especially in contrast to the covers of other brands; however, that means you can only offer a 20 hour limit of independence. Not as much as what we are used to in the business. Also, they do not have fast charging or remote charging. Two advances that we are finding from now on in this range of values.

Where this case has really convinced me is on the plane. Even though we have four different shades to browse, all models appear to be identical with the case closed; Only when we open it do we understand that the shading applies only to the inside of the case and the headphones, an exceptionally inquisitive detail that separates them from some other model.

New Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Pure audio quality – Technology – WebMediums
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

The actual headphones also have an inquisitive look, Samsung proceeding with the "bulbous" style previously found in models like the Galaxy Buds Live. Strangely, that does not make them difficult to pick and remove from the container, since there is hardly an attractive clog.

If you put on the headphones, you will see Samsung's extraordinary achievement: its lightness. Weighing in at just 5g, the Buds 2 are some of the lightest headphones I've ever had a chance to experience, and it shows in use. Also, for my situation they have been adjusted to my ear and do not move, despite the fact that they only depend on the support of the pad, so choosing the right one is a higher priority than at any other time.

Without the logo of the brand, totally with a level tone, the Buds 2 have a totally different plan to the rest of the business, and I imagine that makes them more attractive.

Surprising sound

New Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. Pure audio quality – Technology – WebMediums
The best in sound quality

I admit that when I saw how light they were, my assumptions regarding the sound of the Galaxy Buds 2 plummeted. However, Samsung has managed to overcome each of my assumptions. The sound is obviously superior to what I expected. With a predominance of bass that is not irritating in any situation, it simply enhances the main pieces of our # 1 music.

The way to achieve this sound is the use of two speakers, or 'drivers', in each earphone. Manufacturers generally try to include larger drivers for a wider and more impressive sound. But Samsung has chosen to go an alternative path, with the use of a speaker dedicated to the bass and another for the treble.

It is a very smart arrangement, especially considering the scale we are discussing, but it has paid off. The rear sound is great and offers a complexity not found mostly in remote headphones.

The downside is that this framework does not give similar importance to the entire hearing range. In particular, the high tone suffers in the change. And it does not have the nature of bass, something especially recognizable in case we turn up the volume.

Despite everything, Samsung must be invited to do something different from what is expected. And I anticipate that further advances in downscaling of teams will make this plan progressively normal in the business.

Shock retraction is equally good. And taking into account that it is not the best I have tried. It is prepared to turn off unwanted sounds so that we can focus on the music without waiting to increase the volume.

The advantage of using Samsung

The brand of a headset is not typically a factor that I consider when checking headphones, however for this situation I have to make an exception. If they weren't Samsung, these headphones wouldn't be so great.

What's more, it is simply because they are Samsung that these headphones have advancements and components that we do not discover elsewhere. It is the advantage of being essential for an especially wide and complete scenario, something that the main Apple can coordinate. For example, these headphones are viable with SmartThings Find, which allows us to discover them in the event that we lose them using an app.

In the case that we have a Samsung mobile, these headphones will be perceived quickly and we can handle them through the Samsung Wear application, along with other Samsung gadgets.

It is a very complete application, with perhaps the most ideal alternative I have seen: the ability to weaken the contact controls. Although those of the Galaxy Buds 2 are not the most annoying that I have discovered, they can be a problem when it comes to putting them on and changing ears; With this option, we can weaken them in case we are not using them, as is usually my case.

In addition, the union with other Samsung devices goes beyond PDAs. For example, if we have a Galaxy Watch smartwatch, we can use the authority gadget to control the elements of the headphones, and even control the playback of what we are listening to; this way i really don't need to bother with touch controls if i can do the same, but better, on the clock.

They are more than they seem in quality

Despite not being the most upfront of the brand, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have a lot of spotlights going for them, which makes them serious in an area with numerous other options, perhaps too much. Build quality, plan and brand are components that carry a ton of weight while choosing a remote headset, and these Buds 2 more than follow through on that load of prospects. That they are so lightweight and still achieving this sound is something that will never stop my flabbergast, and all with the opposition of IPX2 sweat.

Where the Buds 2 don't fare as well is at angles like battery life, and the absence of components that are becoming critical, for example fast charging or progressive clamor drop provisions.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are currently available on the Samsung site, with a value of 149.89 euros.