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New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5. Xiaomi continues to sweep in technology and with impressive quality

Alvaro Salazar
6 min read

To speak of the Mi Band is to allude to one of the best-selling versatile extras on the planet, plus it hints at an exceptionally productive range. In addition, with the Mi Band 5 Xiaomi has managed to develop its 'wearable' towards the more sporty side; without losing two of its ideals: being adequately conservative and adaptable, we have proven.

A watch goes with our character and way of life, in any case. Currently, it is an expansion of our gadgets because of the way that a large number of them have clever capabilities that are compatible with the cell phone. The applications and functionalities of sharp watches or bracelets help us in our day to day.

New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5. Xiaomi continues to sweep in technology and with impressive quality
Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Since the main stories, we have been learning information about what could be the successor of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. For example, attractive load or a larger OLED screen. What's more, we finally see all that and with more authority today with the presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Xiaomi's measurement wristbands are well known for their incentive for money, so it could be one of their most anticipated redesigns for those customers looking for an efficient wearable without giving up points of view.

For example, an OLED screen or observing the break between different arrangements. Board that develops, going to 1.1 inches, although one of the curiosities that has stood out the most is the appearance of the attractive load.

The wearable that tracks your action

This practical and flexible wearable, which counts your steps and calories, offers alerts from your phone to your wrist. It is made of plastic in its main part, glass screen with a dynamic tone and thermoplastic polyurethane on the flange.

Play your music, send you updates, make suggestions, take action alerts, take one-touch remote photos, and more. It takes less than 2 hours to charge and lasts a long time, depending on how much you use the bracelet.

A comfortable cost with 20% more than what we want

The elongated plan of the center of the bracelet is maintained, with that new 1.1-inch AMOLED plate that allows you to see 20% more substance than the last one and that fits into the compatible tab that is currently shown with new and striking tones. It is one of the seven significant changes that we expected to find in Xiaomi's emphasis on this wearable.

Its plan and development allow it to be an underwater gadget up to 50 meters deep, and another expected improvement that has to do with the plan (and particularly with the use) is the attractive load. With the Mi Band 5, unlike the previous ones, customers do not need to remove the gadget from the tab to charge it, since it is enough to associate an attractive charging nail to the back of the gadget, near the pulse sensor, so that the charging system starts up.

New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5. Xiaomi continues to sweep in technology and with impressive quality
Xiaomi Mi Band 5

In addition, speaking of the load, the guaranteed independence of the new Mi Band 5 is no less than 14 days, having the option of reaching 20 days on account of the model without NFC. We should check if this is valid by testing it and seeing what it means for the various estimates and rest by observing.

Brilliant sensors to detect your well-being

Xiaomi's shiny bracelet unites a pulse sensor with PPG sensors. With a three-pivot accelerometer frame, a spinner, and a gyro motor to give alarms. Estimate each of your game actions, thanks to its 11 elite athletic modes: programmed location to run, walk, speed update, whole kilometers and high pulse.

In addition, it consolidates the canny observation of the 24-hour rest to decipher its qualities and provide ideas to help you with problems such as lack of sleep. Lastly, it tracks the well-being of women as it records the period. The ovulation phases and offers accommodated updates. You must be signed in to the My Fit app for your entire record to be saved.

New capabilities: more exercises and period control.

With regard to the product, the new 11 modes of professional athletics are affirmed (circular machine, yoga, rowing machine, practice bike, jump rope, treadmill, cycling, swimming, walk and free preparation).

New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5. Xiaomi continues to sweep in technology and with impressive quality
Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Plus the new wellness mode for women, set to be useful for period control. In addition, it includes Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI), a metric that converts pulse information into a special and individual score to evaluate daily movement.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can be combined via Bluetooth with iOS and Android phones and there is a model with NFC, although it is not yet clear if the global model has this part that allows you to pay with the bracelet. What has been included in both forms is the work of the controller to take pictures, such as a remote screen download.

Cost and accessibility of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

At the moment it is a shipment for the nearby Chinese market and they have delivered the costs for something very similar:

· Adaptation without NFC: 189 yuan (about 23.53 euros to the conversion standard).

Adaptation with NFC: 229 yuan (about 28.51 euros to the conversion standard)

So it is expected that there will be a worldwide adaptation and that it reaches different business sectors, so we will be attentive to refresh the data.

Controlling steps, calories, having the impression of versatile notices on the wrist and waking up to the vibration of the bracelet are normal notifications that were totally reasonable with the introduction of Xiaomi in buyers of the movement bracelets. In line with its constant restoration, the most current model, dubbed Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

This model is a very significant advance for Xiaomi watches. Before we could only see the time on our watches and now we have many more options and the Mi Band 5 brings them all and more.