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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will come to our hands with Notch

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

It is interesting what is happening lately. As you probably know, the dialer is a part of the screen on certain computers that arguably has long since been banned from most PDAs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will come to our hands with Notch

The Android have discarded it as it was initially known, while in 2021 Apple has kept it on its iPhone 13. But not only that, since we also learned last week that the MacBook, the brand's workstations, have recovered the cleft of the present for the front camera.

In addition, far from looking like a limited movement, we have discovered that the Tablet is of very good quality, so Samsung was not far behind and will also include one, something surely very surprising and unique for this brand, this exceeds the expectations that we have had of about the device we are waiting for.

Beyond being a recognized brand, it has always known how to outperform its competition, since it always stands out in the market with its devices, and it has not been left behind with new trends.

Samsung surprises us with a score

At the time when we thought that the score on the screens of the equipment had recently been a horrible bad dream, quite possibly the most dynamic leakers arrive at the prowl and give us these high-end images of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which will be the brand's most exceptional tablet model in 2022.

We had known a couple of days before the provisions and the plan of the standard model of this tablet, and its plan had not really caught our attention, since it was basically the same as its archetype.

Currently, seeing the photos that have come to light, we have discovered that it may well be much more atrocious, since the great curiosity in terms of the plane of this tablet is inquisitively a marvel that we did not have before in these models.

A slit that seems to house the camera, it does not seem that this slit is going to house something almost identical to Face ID, however, the cameras do.

It seems that this indentation currently bodes well in light of the fact that Samsung has incredibly lowered the edges of the tablet screen, so where the camera is located it should look like a score to house the camera and its parts, which will consume more space than that edge of the screen.

A single screen

This tablet will have an extremely huge screen, 14.6 inches, so it will exceed the size of the standard model and the Plus, it will be one of the largest screens that this company has with an atrocious quality, which will be shipped close to her.

In addition, the rear camera will be double this time, with extremely excellent quality. In the best of cases, this model will show off the best components that we have found in an Android tablet so far, it has been so striking thanks to its unusual components.