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Telegram made millions thanks to the fall of WhatsApp

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has boasted of having acquired a large number of new clients due to the disappointments of his adversary.

Telegram made millions thanks to the fall of WhatsApp – Technology

The downfall of WhatsApp and the rest of the Facebook administrations may have long-term results; It is not the first time that something almost identical has happened, but in this case Facebook was unable to offer help for no less than six hours due to an organizational error.

Customers searched for options and generally switched to SMS and regular calls; in other cases, they tried other applications that they probably never would have considered. Telegram was one of these applications, being the main option over WhatsApp.

Telegram obtained 70 million thanks to WhatsApp

In just one day, Telegram acquired 70 million new customers; that's nothing, not even a 10% development over the 500 million monthly customers that the organization revealed this January.

It was then that Telegram starred in another surprising development spray, on account of the discussion of the WhatsApp administration terms.

In a message for his own, CEO Pavel Durov, affirms that Telegram continued to function without problems during this remarkable development; Despite the fact that the real Twitter account of Telegram told another story, in a message (currently deleted) warning of possible problems when using the assistance. Durov further admits that some clients could have endured slower rates than expected; Despite this, it guarantees that " we will not let you down when others do ", in clear reference to WhatsApp.

Another application that has received the benefits of WhatsApp concerns is Signal, which is presented as another safer option; It offers end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp, but at the same time it is open source and does not depend on Facebook, which is why it is suggested by Edward Snowden.

Signal claims to have gotten " a large number " of new customers, without stating the number, which is why it had some trouble displaying the customer list for some time.