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The new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for this 2022

Guzmán Leal
4 min read
The new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for this 2022 – Technology
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are part of car dashboards.

Advances in technology are increasingly immersed in our daily lives, all with the aim of making our lives more practical.

In this case, both Google and Apple are looking to improve their car platforms, so Android Auto and Apple Carplay will receive updates this year.

While what is sought is that driving is much safer and optimized, it also wants to be as modern as possible.

In this way, the driver will acquire all the elements possible for a safe as well as comfortable and practical operation.

Android Auto seeks to be one more extension of the car itself

Through Google's own official statement, it has been possible to find out what is new that the update of this driving aid will bring. However, we still have to wait for an official launch date so that it can begin to be used.

One of its main features that can be seen in the ad is that it will have a quick link.

It means that it will allow an automatic and wireless connection of your Android mobile device together with the car by means of a single touch.

In the same way, it retains its traditional function known as "Driver mode" that has the Google Assistant as the protagonist. But, with the difference that it comes with a much more optimized menu that uses a representation by means of "cards".

In effect, what they allow is the performance of different tasks at the same time, such as sending a message by dictation or playing a song. You even have the possibility, through Maps, to determine the best route to reach your destination.

Is Android Auto the future?

There is no doubt that Google has been characterized as an ambitious company, and that is what has allowed it to be one of the great technology companies. That is why his vision of the future is for Android to become the native operating system for the next generations of cars.

How would they do it? Through Android Automotive, which is a totally independent platform from the previous one.

In other words, what is sought is that this function comes factory installed on the dashboards of the cars of the future.

The new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for this 2022 – Technology
Android Automotive is a new Google system for cars.

Their advantages, in principle, are that they do not depend on a mobile phone to work. Additionally, each manufacturer can add the customization they want to this independent Android platform.

Let's not forget about Apple CarPlay and its news

In the first instance, with their update to the iOS 15 operating system, they have their sights set on version 15.2 to be implemented in CarPlay.

In essence, it would be accompanied by a strong optimization of the Maps application, which will have the possibility of viewing it in 3D for better driving.

There is also talk of a new layer of personalization that the driver can count on. It means that it will have new backgrounds and themes so that the user has a style more in line with himself.

Finally, one of its most important functions and perhaps one of the most positive in security areas is the “Concentration mode”.

This is a function that considerably reduces notifications while the car is in motion.

In this way, the person will receive fewer distractions behind the wheel, greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

The new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for this 2022 – Technology
Apple CarPlay seeks to reduce any distraction for the driver.

The downside is that CarPlay updates are currently only available for the New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco regions. In this sense, it is expected to be available to the rest of the world in mid or late 2022.

What comes with both applications is a view to the future

Advances in technology are increasing and in all areas in order for human beings to have a much more accessible life.

In the case of cars, we are on the way to even eliminating the physical keys to use the car.

That means that we could control all the functions of the car through our smart mobile devices. And that, in addition, they can be through Android Auto or CarPlay, or through native operating systems typical of cars.

There is even talk that Apple develops functions that allow the driver full control over the radio and the internal temperature of the car. Also, you may be able to configure the seats as well as other possibilities that for now only remain in rumors.

The new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for this 2022 – Technology
Both are platforms that seek to control the car.