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The new era of iPhone awaits us, and they will be completely made of glass

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

Apple has licensed a mobile phone setup made of glass, which would go with different gadgets made of a similar material, for example an Apple Watch and a Mac Pro.

The new era of iPhone awaits us, and they will be completely made of glass

The iPhone plan is still one of the most attractive in the business, and now it does not seem that Apple is going to change its lines much; however, it could develop them with the appearance of new advances.

If the rumors about the iPhone 14 are valid, for example, we should expect a phone like the iPhone 13, but without the "slit" or the strain chambers, although it will otherwise be visible as an iPhone.

That could change later, as new materials and innovations make plans that today are a dream possible.

The most recent patent granted to Apple in the United States is a brief look at a potential future, in which all the organization's gadgets would be made of glass, as Patently Apple discovers.

The patent does not talk about a particular gadget, but rather advances a summary idea of electronic devices covered with glass; Interestingly, he gives an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a Mac Pro PC as specific illustrations.

The text focuses on the way in which Apple could manufacture these gadgets and the possible applications that it would have.

It is a patent that focuses more on how you would consolidate the glass pieces, and how they would be adapted to make a "container" that would house the interior parts.

With regard to a mobile phone, it also clarifies that it would be feasible to have six distinctive screen areas, which would give way to displaying data on the edges of the screen, something that we have indeed seen in manufacturers such as Samsung or Microsoft.

In addition, it clarifies that the image could be adjusted to this shape; For example, if we take a look at the phone from the side, the iPhone applications could appear in the folded area.

Therefore, we would not have to face the phone to use it. The bent region could also be deformable; for example, to carry out activities, for example, control the volume in the event that we press the edges of the phone with force.

As is normal with licenses, this does not really imply that Apple is going to ship a glass iPhone ; however, in any case, you are thinking about it or have come to the conclusion that the patent deserves to be registered just in case.