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These are the best Apps to organize your holidays

Enrique R
Enrique R
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These are the best Apps to organize your holidays – Technology – WebMediums
Planning your vacation

Planning your vacations will be a piece of cake if you rely on these effective applications.

There is a misconception that organizing vacations is a light thing to do, to pack our bags while smiling. Could not be farther from the truth. If we do not take precautions, investigate prices to save and make the most of our resources, it can become a way of the cross.

Is it forbidden to have fun while planning vacations? Not at all, you only need the tools that help you to have the information at the moment, to be able to compare offers, to buy tickets, and you can find all this in these Apps to organize your vacations.

Organize your holidays with one of these Apps


An application that allows you, from the same administration center of the App on your mobile, to reserve rooms and even tourist tours for your vacations, you can link everything to your email and receive information about last minute changes or new offers at the moment.

These are the best Apps to organize your holidays – Technology – WebMediums
Organize a first class trip with these Apps

If you need to travel by land, this application offers you an incredibly functional service: It can calculate the distances and duration of each section.

This way you can organize how much time you can spend in one city or another and know if you will have time to go to a destination on the same day or if you should wait to leave the next.

My Cloud

Among the Apps to organize trips, MINUBE has earned a special place.

The strategy of the application is great: When we go on a trip, what we need is to know what that experience will be like, the only ones who can tell us how it feels to look at the Sistine Chapel is those who entered and saw it.

In Minube we find comments from more than 2 million users, organized in the style of travel diaries, where they tell us about their experiences in thousands of destinations around the world.

What you can find in this App covers everything, even in which terrace in Madrid they serve the beer you like with the tapas you want to try the most.

The best thing is that you can consult all this information without having to create journals of your trip, but if you do, the App will provide you with good suggestions.


If we speak in terms of users, Skyscanner is a five-star category, since it has about 92 million users, nothing strange when looking at the advantages it offers.

These are the best Apps to organize your holidays – Technology – WebMediums

The application focuses on three elements that are the holy trinity for those who vacation to distant destinations: Car rentals, hotel deals and airfare deals.

With these three filters you can notice a saving of up to 40% in your initial budget before consulting the App.

As the best point in favor is its algorithm to compare prices, which can also do a search for destinations that suit your budget and time limit.

A point against (although it has its advantage in security), is that you will not be able to make reservations through the App, since it is linked to the provider.

Do you like seasonal offers? Keep this App installed, and it will notify you when the prices of air tickets are lower than usual (something common in low seasons).


Our intention is to provide you with a list of Apps that complement each other perfectly. Packpoint is the program that focuses on helping you pack your suitcase correctly, when looking at it superficially it seems unnecessary, but the questions that the App asks you help it to remind you of everything, even what you always neglect.

When you know your destination, what type of trip you will make, the duration of time in that place, the application will generate a list not only of articles for regular use, but also of medical supplies that you may need in an emergency.

These are the best Apps to organize your holidays – Technology – WebMediums


Is it better for you to rent a room or a complete apartment? Do you need one or two sofas? Do you want to have an ocean view?

All these details are filtering results in the App, which will always show you good options to get what you want on your vacation. If you don't want to be in a hotel, it will show you many good alternatives.

In addition to the above, this application to organize trips provides you with a filter with the elements that you are marking.

You want a place with a couch, pool, stove and iron, you put the features, and you have options like that.

In the same application you can look and compare reviews of local inhabitants to choose a good place to eat, a nearby beach to enjoy a swim at sunset. It is an all-in-one application.


If you need literally mountains of alternatives all over the planet, Booking is the app for you. It will show you offers in 227 countries, and you can choose cabins in the mountains, a motor home or a tourist hut on the beach, if there is one, Booking shows you.

You have almost 30 million alternatives available, with spaces as particular as tree houses or apartments next to a train track, all this with prices according to this characteristic, that is why it is one of the most used, you choose unique destinations to good price.

The best advantage of Booking is a condition that the App meets from its launch. If you find what you are looking for at a lower cost than what they offer, they will match it to help you stretch your budget.

These are the best Apps to organize your holidays – Technology – WebMediums


This App to plan your trips fulfills a function that separates it from the others: It can predict the offers on air tickets up to a year in advance. Its margin of error is barely 5%, so you can trust it to plan trips a year in advance.

Its notification service to notify of special offers on air tickets is also one of the favorites of the users of the application.

You can place the destination where you want to go and at what time of the year, immediately the program shows you on a calendar, the best times to buy your cheapest ticket. If the most convenient thing is to wait two more days to take advantage of an offer, the application will inform you.