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Tips to learn how to take professional photos with your cellphone

Luis Francisco Gamez
5 min read
Tips to learn how to take professional photos with your cellphone

It is no secret to anyone that cameras are being displaced by the cameras of our smartphones; and it is that every day phone companies offer mobile devices to the market that meet all expectations.

Generally, when we go to buy a mobile phone, what is the first thing we look for ?: memory, processor and something that is very important for our days, a camera that performs up to the task.

The camera is one of the most useful and important tools on the cell phone. Today I want to teach you some tricks so that you can learn to be professional photos from your mobile.

What you must keep in mind to take quality photographs

We leave you 3 functions of your camera that you should review so that little by little you become a professional with the camera of your cell phone.


Tips to learn how to take professional photos with your cellphone
ISO settings.

It is the sensitivity of the cameras to light, the higher the ISO, the more sensitive it will be and vice versa, the lower the ISO the less sensitive it will be, so what is the recommendation if the ISO is raised to the maximum your image will lose quality in the picture and that's not what we want.

The light sensor is so important that some cameras base their price on the quality of the light sensor, a simple camera can reach a maximum of 1600 ISO and from this value the image begins to lose quality, while a camera more Pro, they can raise their ISO to more than 6400 while maintaining the quality and sharpness of the photo.

So if you are going out on a nice day, but the natural light is very intense, you can use the minimum ISO value which is equal to 100.

If you are going to take photos inside a house or building you should already raise your ISO to about 400, all this will depend on the light available.


Tips to learn how to take professional photos with your cellphone
depending on the aperture of the diaphragm the environment is focused or blurred, providing many types of effects in the photographs.

Aperture refers to how open or closed the diaphragm of the camera lens will be, determining the amount of light that passes through the lens.

When the lens diaphragm is more open, more light will enter and will result in brighter photos, otherwise if the diaphragm is very closed, less light will enter and the images will be darker.

The opening is also going to define something very important for us, which is the depth of the image.

This refers to how focused everything behind or in front of the object of interest is, so the more open this diaphragm is, the less depth you will have.

In other words, the object of interest will be very focused and the rest will be out of focus and the less the diaphragm is open, all the elements of the photo will be very well focused.


Tips to learn how to take professional photos with your cellphone
Speed settings, to create a pretty exciting photo.

Controlling the duration speed of the camera is to control the creative part of your camera and I could make a boring photograph become something very interesting, this consists of controlling the time it takes for the shutter to open and close the sensor to the action of the light.

Having manual control is something we can do from the Pro settings of the camera, each smartphone is different, but most of the cases the manual settings are from a section called Pro photography.

From the application of our phones, this section allows us to manually adjust different values of the camera, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focuses.

We can capture the movement of people or cars simply by setting a shutter speed from half a second, even so we must bear in mind that if we use slower shutter speeds there is much more light enters the sensor and this can damage photography.

Phones with the best cameras to take professional photos:

Most mid-range smartphones take photos in very good quality, but if your thing is to go for everything, I leave you these 3 recommendations from 3 different brands.

iPhone 13 Pro: This smartphone offers a much more powerful camera system, they bring night mode on all sensors, it has a triple 12MP rear lens with LiDAR camera.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro: The Chinese technology giant presents this smartphone that has a rear configuration of the main sensor of 50MP ultra Vision, an ultra-wide 20MP and a 12MP telephoto lens.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: In this smartphone we get 3 sensors placed in a vertical line that provide the user with a powerful 108MP camera, giving this camera an excellent response when taking a photograph.

As you will see, a good mobile can also help you find professional photos.