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What are the phones with the best camera in this year 2021?

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
What are the phones with the best camera in this year 2021? – Technology
Phones with the best camera in 2021

The phones have become practically an important part of our lives. We use them for entertainment, for our work, and to communicate with family and friends. For those fans of photography they are a fundamental tool to capture images during the day to day.

In view of this, thinking about having a mobile with the best camera is no longer a matter of whim. Now it should be seen as an important factor when buying a new mobile device; also choose according to the best cell phone brands.

This being the case, we have prepared a series of recommendations for the phones with the best camera in this year 2021 that can help you get the phone that best suits your requirements based on the ranking of cell phone cameras.

Phones with the best camera on the market

This ranking of cell phone cameras was made based on the opinion of experts in the field and that of users worldwide.

The Google Pixel 4XL

This mobile has the best cameras on the market because it integrates different technologies that change the photo experience on mobile devices. The technology it uses is Motion Sense, with which you can have control of your mobile just by touching it. Which is due to the sensors that come from the front camera.

What are the phones with the best camera in this year 2021? – Technology
Google Pixel 4XL

You can even set up quick actions and activate them without having to unlock the screen. It gives you comfort and maximum quality photos due to the 16 megapixel rear camera with automatic optical stability. The video quality has a maximum resolution of 4K and frequency of 120 Hz, which gives you fluidity and quality when watching videos.

"This mobile has the ability to capture the best photos without overlooking any detail."

In dark environments it gives you high quality images because it has an optimized night vision mode. The advantage of this is that you can take photos at night without the use of the flash and it adds a professional level touch to the photography.

You cannot forget the range of functions that the internal photo editing program has. With this you can control details such as: light exposure, colors, background blur, full resolution zoom and other details that make your photos look more artistic.

Pros of this mobile

  • Record 4K videos and 120 Hz frequency.

  • Use motion sense technology for faster actions.

  • The photographs at night are very good.

Cons of the mobile

  • The battery does not have much capacity.

  • The design is considered old-fashioned.

Mobile technical details:

  • Three rear cameras and one front.

  • 16 megapixels

  • In video it has 2160p (4k) @ 30fps / 1080p @ 30/60 / 120fps

IPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max phones

These phones belonging to the top range of Apple, are undoubtedly among the phones with the best camera on the market. It has a triple 12-megapixel camera and ultra-large ring capacity, this allows for better viewing angles and excellent quality lighting.

What are the phones with the best camera in this year 2021? – Technology
IPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

It has intelligent HDR technology of the latest generation with which you can capture more intense and vivid colors. The video quality is 4K up to 60 Fps with automatic stabilization giving the impression that the videos are recorded with a professional camera, even being able to reduce movements produced when recording by hand.

"These mobiles have the best cameras on the market due to their fluidity, design and excellent quality."

Your photo editing options have a lot of capacity and versatility. You can apply filters, blurs, 63 MP panoramic photos, night mode, super slow motion effects and time-lapse effects. Its dimensions are 144 x 71.4 x 81 mm and its weight is 188 grams.

Mobile Pros

  • Excellent camera quality with a variety of options.

  • HDR technology with vivid colors.

  • High-power processor that guarantees fluidity in videos.

Cons of the mobile

  • It doesn't come with 5G technology.

  • It is not very resistant to drops and scratches.

Mobile technical details

  • It comes with three rear cameras and one front.

  • 12 megapixels.

  • In video it is 2160p (4k) @ 60fps / 1080p @ 30-240 fps.

The Samsung S20 Ultra 5G mobile

The Samsung company revolutionized the market with the arrival of this mobile. It is the only camera in the entire industry that has the ability to record in 8K, with unmatched image quality. It comes with 4 rear cameras of 108 MP with the ability to reach x100 magnification.

"The S20 gives you the best quality for videos and photos on the market, that of 8K."

Thanks to this you can take powerful photos with a very minimal loss of quality. It has an optical sensor that was updated and wide in size to collect more illumination. This is why you can take night photos with great clarity and reduction of blurred details due to an artificial intelligence (AI) that is integrated.

What are the phones with the best camera in this year 2021? – Technology
Samsung S20 Ultra 5G

If you are fond of selfies, you will be happy to know that its front camera is 40 MP that gives you photos with a level of detail and quality like no other mobile in the sector can provide, even when the lighting is poor.

Only demanding users who are looking for the mobile with the photo quality of the sector aspire to obtain this mobile device. The dimensions of this mobile are 167 x 76.0 x 8.8 mm and a weight of 500 g.

Pros of this mobile

  • You can record in 8K.

  • Its rear camera is 108 MP.

  • The zoom is x100x.

  • It has a 2K 120Hz display.

Cons of the mobile

  • Its cost is very high.

  • Its size is very large, which makes it uncomfortable for users to wear.

Mobile technical details

  • It has 4 rear cameras and two on the front.

  • It has 108 MP.

  • In video it has 4320p (8k) @ 24fps / 2160p (4K) @ 60 fps.

In summary, with this it is clear that the best mobile to record is the Samsung S20 Ultra 5G with its unmatched 8K quality, the best and most amazing on the market.

But what can we say about the best mobile to record photos? This trophy goes to the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro mobile phone that has 5 cameras and an ultra resolution of 108 MP that, together with the quality that comes on its screen, becomes the best mobile for photographs that you can find today.

Phones with the best camera in 2021.