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Top 7 Best app for doing sports

Having a sports routine brings life and health with it

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read
Top 7 Best app for doing sports – Technology – WebMediums
Digital tools to have a sports life

If you want to improve the quality of life you lead, a little daily exercise would do you good. However, sometimes we don't even know where to start. We need a consultant, and you won't necessarily find him alone in the gym.

We show you the best apps to do sports from home or wherever you are. Everything is a matter of updating and starting, enough of thinking that maybe tomorrow and not today. Excuses are no longer necessary.

Whether it's time to warm up, stretch or even run a jog for several minutes, the important thing will always be to start. That is why I will show you the best apps for physical activities, and only by having the cell phone in your hands will you be able to achieve great results.

These are the 7 best apps for doing sports

We have excellent applications that will guide us step by step to make special routines according to each need.

TOP 1 7-minute workout

Its name is as intuitive as its application, this application has by nature some segments where they show you exercises divided by categories that make up great intensity and is appropriate for those looking for a type of deep training.

This application suggests 12 types of routines with 30-second cycles, and then provides you with 10-second rest periods. This whole application shows you how to do them without any type of instrument that you could find in a gym.

Top 7 Best app for doing sports – Technology – WebMediums
Training requires effort and commitment

TOP 2 Exercise at home

Like the first app, this one also gets straight to the point. Explain everything you have to do if you need to exercise from home, without any special instrument or tool.

It will show you how you can exercise only with your body weight. For all exercises, different routines to be able to strengthen the different parts of your body. With its proper warm-up and stretching, it will guide you with some animations and videos.

Top 7 Best app for doing sports – Technology – WebMediums
The time to exercise has arrived

TOP 3 Home Exercises

This is yet another application that shows how you can exercise with great simplicity. It is incredible, since at every moment it will create alarms for you to program a new training session, preventing you from forgetting about them.

It will show you how important it is to warm up and stretch before each sport you are going to practice.

It will help you with corresponding images to know how you will do the exercises and also gives you the opportunity to generate your own routines at the same time. You will be able to keep a strict follow-up of your weight and body mass.

TOP 4 Freeletics Bodyweight

The variation of this application is focused for those users who are starting in the world of sports.

The application gives you the opportunity to generate routines where little by little you will adapt without forcing yourself, but at the same time catching the rhythm of getting in shape.

It will also give you exercises that you can master without any problems.

Top 7 Best app for doing sports – Technology – WebMediums
The main objective of doing sports is to learn to control your own weight

This application also shows you how only with your body weight you can exercise without any type of machine or instrument. It also offers you to save your progress so that you can compare with your previous routines and see the improvement.

TOP 5 Runtastic

This application is very useful for those people who love to feel the breeze and venture anywhere while exercising, that is; They are those people who are passionate about running, skating, cycling and hiking.

It offers the breadth and breadth of a GPS plus a personal trainer with your same voice. Measure your progress and add observations that can help you as you use the application.

TOP 6 Runtastic Pedometer

The creators of this app also chose to think about people who love to walk and allowed users to have one of their own.

So creativity knocked on the door of their cell phones allowing them to know that they can monitor their steps.

You can validate how much weight they have lost and also what type of food they eat that contains calories, recommending at the beginning that you can avoid obesity by doing about 10,000 steps per month.

TOP 7 Pushups workout

This fascinating application helps those who like to do push-ups, it contains a counter that helps you know how long you have been and how far you can go. Also, how many calories you expend in each push-up session gives you the opportunity to choose 6 levels of difficulty.

Motivating the person to reach their last levels that are very complex in themselves, but with persistence it can be achieved.

Top 7 Best app for doing sports – Technology – WebMediums
Consistency in sports brings good results

It is important to exercise

We know that there is nothing better than exercising, since much of our health depends on it. In addition, sports apps train you just like a trainer in any gym that you could physically visit.

The difference is that you will be where you want to be. You will do it on your own with a guide and at your own pace without having strict observation causing stress when it comes to strengthening your body and mind.

Taking into account that it saves money and also our time, we can choose it. You can practice certain exercises with which you can lose weight and achieve proper toning.

All the exercises that can be awarded are based on what you can work with your body weight, and you can do all of that without having to spend on expensive machinery to get the results you want.

Tips to keep in mind

The only thing you can see about some kind of complexity is wanting to acquire muscle mass. Well, for that you need heavy instruments such as dumbbells among other machinery. But you can investigate how to make your own creatively.

With apps to do exercises from home you can stay in shape, however you must take into account having an adequate diet, in addition to rigorous medical monitoring.

The technological devices are intended to help us record the routine by making the way we exercise fun.

Top 7 Best app for doing sports – Technology – WebMediums
Constant sport relieves loads and stress

The idea is that we do not run into obstacles to follow the dream we want with our body. Our physical and mental health will be stable, we are not only exercising our body, but also our mind.

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving our goals and meeting different objectives, even through applications like these.

We are encouraged that we can continue even if we are exhausted, apart from helping us to maintain our healthy life, download these apps, and you will see that in the blink of an eye your life will change.