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Do you need an App to edit photos? We show you the best options

With a good App you can give a professional touch to your photos from your mobile

Enrique R
Enrique R
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Do you need an App to edit photos? We show you the best options
App to edit photos

The function of taking pictures from the mobile is one of the most appreciated by users.

With the mobile we capture special moments of our lives and although many models have good cameras, occasionally we will need an App to edit photos, only then will we obtain an optimal result since light / dark, blur, there are many elements that require some retouching, in addition to the filters that can give that final touch.

If, in addition to applying necessary adjustments, you want to combine images or put together a collage of a series of photos, you will also need a good App like the ones we will show you below.

The move to a professional photographer involves a lot of preparation, obtaining professional photos can be achieved with a good application to edit them.

Do you need an App to edit photos? We show you the best options

Among the applications to improve your photos, there are some that are known to have quite popular web versions and others that have been exclusively highlighted in their version of the App for mobiles.

We mix all the options because you can always have them on your mobile device and use them when you need them.

The best Apps to edit photos


Its options are somewhat basic, but they serve to improve photos that you want to place in your profiles or states, it also allows you to edit the letter with various options of fonts, size and colors.

In addition, pixlr belongs to the applications that have a very well-designed web version, used by thousands of users for years.

Among its advantages, one stands out a lot and is the possibility of defining an invisible background for photos, as well as placing layers of colors for certain areas. The App is free and available for Android and iOS.

Collage Maker Editor 2020

If you are interested in making collages, this free application is one of the best alternatives available.

It is one of the most complete Apps for editing photos and assembling collages, being one of the latest in the market, it is not surprising that it allows you to join and arrange dozens of images as you like, just by downloading the App on your phone and taking or having the photos stored.

What happens if the photos are poorly focused or very dark? The Collage Maker Editor 2020 also serves to crop the photos to the perfect point that you need, as well as allows you to make all the most useful and well-known edits such as altering the brightness, contrast, color and other aspects of the photo.

Do you need an App to edit photos? We show you the best options

Prisma Photo Editor

Some apps to edit photos on mobile stand out so much in one aspect that it becomes their brand.

In this case you are before the App of the 800 filters. However, you should be clear that although many of its filters are available in the free option, some will be available only if you pay for the pro version.

If you like to try out of the ordinary filters, Prisma Photo Editor is for you. It has options inspired by famous paintings and paintings such as The Scream and textures in the style of Picasso or Van Gogh.

In addition to the above, this App applied an interesting marketing strategy, thanks to which you can find millions of images edited with this tool on Instagram, placing the HT #Prisma in the search engine.


The idea of selecting the best App for professional photo editing is to allow you to have several options depending on the final result you are looking for, that is why it is important to have applications that stand out in different areas. AfterLight is the best option if you want to give your photos a Vintage touch.

You will find very attractive old-style filters and letters, as well as you can edit the size of the photos and leave it in a rectangle, circle or whatever shape you prefer.

It has almost 60 filters and more than 60 textures, highlighting old styles that you have surely seen in some great images on networks.

Photoshop Express

If Photoshop is your thing, and you want to have all the advantages of the famous image editor on your mobile, Photoshop Express is the professional app for photo editing you are looking for.

With a system similar to the editor that we all know, this application allows you to edit aspects such as the haze in the photo, you can place watermarks or assemble collages in just seconds, you can even retouch the photo or capture signs of dirt or stains.

All these advantages go hand in hand with layering, you can really use the same Photoshop tools on your fixed computer from your mobile device.

This advantage is very significant for those who work in design or have their own web projects, since you can define pending work on the way to work or in a free moment, while waiting for the bus or subway... carrying out tasks from your cell phone is perfect for many people.

Do you need an App to edit photos? We show you the best options

What to look for in an app to edit photos?

This clearly depends on the result you are looking for, but in general we can recommend prioritizing the following elements:

Free or Paid: It is obvious that you should look for one that suits your budget.

Weight of the photos: Depending on the equipment you have, you may not find an App to edit photos that consumes your storage capacity in a single session, all this can be reviewed in the information available in the App or download, try and then decide if it suits you or not.

The good news is that modern Apps have done a lot of work to optimize the size of the final files.

Intuitive Menu: Although people are increasingly better prepared to work with all kinds of Apps, it is always convenient that you do not need several minutes to place a filter.

If the menu is intuitive, it will be easy for you to edit the photos and save them and even name them, share them on your social networks, all from the same App menu.

Styles : You should always focus or prioritize the result you are looking for, if you work with a certain style, you can always try to work with an App designed specifically to edit professional photos with that style.

You will be surprised by the variety of Apps for photos with different styles in the Google Play Store.