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What's new on Xbox Series. A new 500Gb card that will revolutionize the market

Alvaro Salazar
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The capacity development card will cost about 150 euros, according to the article sheets of two French retailers; the current 1TB model costs 250 euros.

Microsoft's next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, will have an option to expand their internal memory in November, reports French newspaper Xbox Squad. In two stores in the neighboring country, Micromania and Innelec, a Seagate 500 GB storage development card has appeared with a cost of around 150 euros.

What's new on Xbox Series. A new 500Gb card that will revolutionize the market
Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card

This is all that is known about this new expansion card for storage

The aforementioned 500 GB card was enrolled in the data set of the seller Innelec's store. That organization offers them to customer stores for 125.71 euros, which according to French media shows that the cost to the buyer could be somewhere in the range of 149 and 169 euros.

After the distribution of this data, from Xbox Squad they added that the Micromania store had additionally added the article, for this situation determining that it will have a limit of 512 GB and a cost of 154.99 euros. A similar store gives a delivery date: November 14, 2021. At the time of composing, Microsoft has not declared this article.

Xbox Series X / S customers can interconnect any external hard drive or SSD via USB to store and play Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, as well as to store Xbox Series games. Be that as it may, to play them in the current control center, the titles must be entered in the inner capacity or on the extension card.

Xbox hoped external cards could arrive.

The main storage extension card accessible right now is the 1TB card made by Seagate, which is authoritatively valued at $ 249.99. At the time this ornament was reported, Microsoft left the entry open to more card models even from different producers, however, since that time there has been no report about it.

Xbox's Jason Ronald clarified last year: "The Xbox velocity architecture is a vital development of our rising era of the control center, delivering exceptional speed. This degree of predictable and supported execution requires progressed parts that cost more than conventional hard drives or SSDs found in PCs. "

Xbox series owners are enjoying the new SSD stacking speeds that accompany both the Xbox X and S series, but the Terabyte limit, and in particular the 500Gb of the more modest, is starting to get somewhat limited to the extent of accessible play.

The point is that the main option to continue exploiting the speed architecture of the Xbox and grow this accessible space is to buy the 1Tb development card from the Seagate authority, whose cost is skyrocketing.

It must be explained that, at the time of composing this note, Microsoft has not declared this development card and they have not given a specific explanation about this so it is still rumored news.