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WhatsApp update: Now we can listen to the audios while we do something else

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

WhatsApp develops a sound player worldwide, which will allow us to play sound messages anywhere in the application.

WhatsApp update: Now we can listen to the audios while we do something else

Until now, assuming that we need to pay attention to a sound that has been sent to us, we must open the current conversation and press the play button; from that moment on, we can only pay attention to the message until it is closed. In the event that we try to exit the chat, the sound will stop.

This is a disadvantage, especially when many people have become familiar with sending extremely long sounds; While we tune in, we cannot do anything, for example, change visits and chat with different contacts.

The new player will avoid this.

It will allow us to continue paying attention to the sound that we are reproducing in any part of the application; the player will be displayed at the top, and if we really want to change the view or segment of the application and it will stay there constantly.

This player will also provide us with the possibility of stopping and playing the audio, or closing it completely.

This option is under development

At this time, this element is still being developed and its delivery to all customers in any case will take some time; At first it has been carried out in the beta form of WhatsApp for iOS, however, it is expected that it will also be accessible for Android later.

WhatsApp has made many changes to sounds in 2021, with the ability to play WhatsApp sounds faster or the new interface to record sounds.