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Does your phone battery not last? stop doing this

Guzmán Leal
5 min read
Does your phone battery not last? stop doing this – ThisPhone – WebMediums
Follow these tips if your phone's battery doesn't last.

The battery of a phone is the most important part, since it is responsible for allowing the general operation of the phone. Therefore, taking care of it and avoiding improper use of it is paramount.

Although today's batteries have great power, they are often affected by the user's unconsciousness and ignorance.

So that you know what habits you should forget that affect their performance, continue reading.

How to extend the life of your battery? forget these habits

Although today's batteries have smart features, they are still what they are. That is why they require some care, especially leaving aside those practices that harm it, such as the following.

Let the phone charge overnight

Whether it's for convenience, or because you simply forgot to turn off the phone after falling asleep, the fact is that it is a harmful practice.

There is no one who is saved, because at least on one occasion we have left our mobile charging all night. And it is that, in many cases, it is obvious, after giving the phone extensive use during the day.

Fortunately, there are high-end devices whose batteries have the ability to cut off the power supply, once it reaches the maximum.

Does your phone battery not last? stop doing this – ThisPhone – WebMediums
Is it bad to charge the mobile all night?

However, it is an exclusive capacity of certain smartphones, so we must be aware of what we have.

In the case of not having this feature, the damage to the battery could be irreparable if we leave it charging overnight. In effect, overcharging can alter battery life cycles, resulting in much reduced usage time.

High temperatures

One of the factors that most affect the state of the battery is temperature, especially heat. Generally, the proper range for it to work should be between 20º and 35º C.

And it is that overheating can be harmful not only for the battery, but it could affect the performance of the entire mobile.

In extreme cases, the battery has been known to overheat to the point that it has burned out, rendering the phone unusable.

One of the tips is to avoid, as far as possible, charging the phone in temperatures above 35º C. Also, avoid placing any object on top of the mobile while it is charging, since this prevents the release of heat generated during the process..

Nowadays, many of the smart devices include, within the information of the battery, the temperature of the same. That way, we can be aware of the state in which it is.

Unauthorized spare parts

When we see that our battery fails, or that its duration is not the same as always, the tendency is to look for a replacement immediately.

However, we tend to fall for items that are not even close to the original, thus wasting our money without solving the problem.

Therefore, the most recommended option is to always go to an official store or agent authorized by the brand. In this way, we will always have the most feasible and profitable option.

non-original chargers

Many people do not understand the importance of the voltage of chargers and batteries during the charging process.

This is one of the most important factors, as well as being one of the most common in affecting the performance of the stack.

In this sense, when using a charger that is not the original of the model, the battery does not receive enough voltage, directly affecting its performance and duration.

Does your phone battery not last? stop doing this – ThisPhone – WebMediums
You should always use original chargers.

In this way, a chain reaction occurs that results in a much reduced useful life. That is why it is best to always opt for the original, since cheap is more expensive.

Phone charging frequency

There are people who are paranoid about the battery level of the mobile, making the mistake of charging it repeatedly.

This is an erroneous practice, since it is not necessary to charge the mobile every time it loses a percentage in the charge level. Rather, incurring in this practice, you will only affect its performance and durability much more.

The reason is that frequently charging your device affects the battery's charge cycles and, consequently, its useful life.

Therefore, it is best to connect the mobile when the battery level is below 10%. To disconnect it, you must wait until it reaches at least 80% to avoid affecting its durability.

Use the mobile while charging

We all know that it is a practically impossible habit to break. But, at least, we must avoid, as far as possible, the use of applications that demand more work from the processor.

In this sense, the games, the camera or editors while the phone is charging, can encourage the device to overheat.

This is because the use of the most demanding applications causes the processor to generate heat that adds to that of the battery charging. As a result, it severely affects its durability.

Does your phone battery not last? stop doing this – ThisPhone – WebMediums
Using the mobile while charging can be harmful to the battery.

Applications such as instant messaging, or social networks, which are the ones we use the most, do not demand as much from the processor. However, it is best to leave the phone aside so as not to alter its charging process.