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How to install the iOS 13 beta and what disadvantages it has

Jesús Tremont
3 min read

If you are a fan of Apple, you will already know that Steve Jobs released a public beta for iOS 13 that you can try on your iPhone (if it is on the list of compatible devices) right now

First you should know that not all devices can have access to this new iOS public beta, which Apple launched with the aim of obtaining feedback from its users in order to fully polish the new version.

How to install the iOS 13 beta and what disadvantages it has

Compatible Devices:

  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone XSMax

  • iPhone XS

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone 8Plus

  • iPhone 8

  • iPhone 7Plus

  • iPhone 7

  • iPhone 6sPlus

  • iPhone 6s

  • iPhone SE

If your device is on this list, congratulations, you can enjoy the new public beta of iOS 13.

Steps to follow

The first step is to register for Apple's public beta program: We must enter the official Apple public beta website and register. They will ask us for our username and password that we use in the App Store. Link.

Download the beta access profile: Once registered, we must now download a profile that Apple asks us to give us access to the betas. All we have to do is download and install it on our iPhone.

Restart the iPhone: Once we have the beta access profile downloaded, a notification will appear telling us that we must restart the device for the changes to take effect. We do.

Download the beta: When your iPhone turns on after restarting it, we have to go to the options and follow the next path. Settings > General > Software Update. Once in this section we should get the option to download the iOS 13 beta.

Last Reboot: When the update is completely downloaded, it will tell us that we must reboot, we do it and voila, we are users of the iOS 13 beta.

Once you have this first beta installed, the software will release updates as soon as Apple publishes them. This way you will always have the latest version of the beta.

Beta Disadvantages

You have to keep in mind that this is a very early beta, it is not even close to being a stable version of the operating system and that is why you may have problems.

Many users who already have the new iOS 13 beta on their devices have experienced loss in battery life, incredible lags, cuts in the connection via Wifi, slow internet speeds, problems with Bluetooth and even problems with facial recognition..

Why does Apple publish this version despite the problems it has? Apple, like any other company, needs its users to tell it what is wrong in order to improve it. That is the reason why we can test this beta of iOS 13. The main objective that the apple company has with this is to be able to polish the operating system as much as possible so that everything works correctly on the day of its launch.

Should you download it? I think so. It's exciting to be able to test things ahead of time, even though this version is a very early version and full of bugs, I think it's worth it. Will you download it?