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ThisPhone are making a realtime stats of spam activity

Phone Spam Activity – ThisPhone – WebMediums
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Now you can show the realtime phone spam activity in Phone Spam Activity, this page show you the activity in the last 7 days and you can follow the spam activity in the United States, this is very helpful when detecting spam calls.

Right now ThisPhone have in the top the next phone numbers are making spam 6149270428, 2812040500, 9543232890, and much mores phone you can see this top phone numbers in the home page of

Phone Spam Activity – ThisPhone – WebMediums

As you can see the activity of telephone spam is growing these days, so you should be alert and always check incoming incoming calls, we hope this will be of great help, we will continue working to offer the best possible and free service.

Also you can follow the spam activity by states and area codes in this page, Phone Spam Rankings and you can read our post about this here.

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