Releases Inaugural U.S. Phone Spam Rankings

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Drawing on over 11,000,000 user-submitted spam reports Releases Inaugural U.S. Phone Spam Rankings – ThisPhone
Photo by Goumbik on Pixabay has launched the first set of U.S. Phone spam ratings on its web site. This ranking will be updated every day and show you where it is affecting more the phone spam that so much affects the United States, the newly published rankings reveal to California as the producer of unwanted telephone contacts more prolific at the level State, with almost 11% of spam calls originating across the country. It follows in the Texas and Florida ranking with an 8 and 6 percent respectively. Releases Inaugural U.S. Phone Spam Rankings – ThisPhone Releases Inaugural U.S. Phone Spam Rankings

Despite the efforts of the Government to avoid this type of action the Americans still follow the West activadades type of daily and this type of services manage to counteract greatly the scam caused by this type of calls.

In an effort to try to stop this type of activity, ThisPhone offers this service free of charge so that any user can detect these types of calls quickly and leave a complaint or suggestion for other users, since this phone was launched it has registered more than 11 million complaints in all United States.

This ranking is one of our efforts to improve our service to detect and eliminate telephone spam although we know it will be difficult this will help many users to understand a little better this type of unwanted calls.

We are very happy to launh this new service

Phone Spam Rankings in United States