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Samsung Galaxy S22: Features, price, models and release date

Guzmán Leal
5 min read
Samsung Galaxy S22: Features, price, models and release date
The Samsung S22 would be high-end.

Mobile device companies do not go far when it comes to launching new terminals on the market. Such is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22, of which a lot of information has already been leaked about it.

Although the Samsung S21 marked a great impact on the market, already at the beginning of this 2022 we could have its successor. What is expected of the new line of Samsung smartphones is that they occupy the top positions in high-end phones. Let's know more about them!

Samsung S22: Features

The main highlight of this new high-end line from Samsung is that it will be a combination of designs.

In what sense? Well, it will bring the best of both the S models and the Note, which have been off the radar for a while.

In other words, it will be a line that has versions suitable for professionals in content creation. But that, it is still a totally useful device for any kind of activity that the user requires.

Thus, it means that this new hybrid lineup will come with an S Pen that was characteristic of the Note models. However, it also has other features that we will highlight below.

Design: without leaving much of what we have been seeing

The design and features of the Samsung S22 Ultra would be the only ones different from the other models in the line.

Essentially, according to the leaks, it would bear a resemblance to the much-loved Samsung Galaxy Note. That is, it would have well-defined angles on the edges, in addition to a unique distribution of the camera lenses. On the other hand, the construction material used will be glass.

Regarding the screen, the space between the hinges would be minimal, taking advantage of space in the best way. In addition to this, the particular notch in the upper central part of the screen, without occupying much diameter.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Features, price, models and release date
The S Pen would return.

As for the standard models of the S22, their appearance will be similar to its predecessor, the Samsung S21. It means that your screen will be totally flat, with weights and sizes according to its use.

Also, unlike what we have been seeing in their models, is that the material used will be plastic.

Processor and memory: worthy of a high-end version

Most likely, in the absence of official information, the processor that will be part of the new line of Samsung phones is the Exynos. Specifically, the version that follows the 2100.

However, the peculiarity is that, depending on the region, Samsung will continue to opt for the traditional Snapdragon 888, from Qualcomm. Regardless of which of the two options, there is no doubt that you will have a first-class processor.

Regarding RAM and storage, for its base model the minimum is expected to be 8 GB + 128 GB respectively.

Samsung S22: Top-tier camera

One of the revolutionary changes expected from this new generation of smartphones is that they incorporate a 200 MP main lens. It's all thanks to the rumored collaboration that Samsung had with Olympus to take its camera to another level.

An official announcement from Samsung regarding the rumors linking it to an alliance with Olympus is still awaited.

And it is that, if true, it would bring endless new functions to the camera interface with professional details.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Features, price, models and release date
This would be the camera of the Samsung S22 Ultra.

The closest thing to reality is that they will have a 50 MP sensor, accompanied by a telephoto lens and a 12 MP ultra-wide lens.

For its front camera, on the subject of selfies, the lens would be approximately 10 MP. It means that we would not see much difference in this area with respect to past versions.

Samsung S22, when does it come out?

Through information leaked by Jon Prosser, an expert on smartphone issues, it is estimated that the official presentation would be for February 8.

If nothing out of the expected happens, pre-sales would begin on that date, and later on the 18th of the same month, its delivery.

However, they are still rumors and leaked information, although on the part of Samsung, it did confirm that they would arrive in February.

Prices of the available models of the S22

There will be three models, of which only the ultra version will have three presentations. In turn, the prices for each would be approximately the following:

Samsung Galaxy S22 with 8 GB / 128 GB: 849 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 with 8 GB / 256 GB: 899 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 + with 8 GB / 128 GB: 1,049 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 + with 8 GB / 256 GB: 1,099 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 8 GB / 128 GB: 1,249 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 12 GB / 256 GB: 1,349 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 12 GB / 512 GB: 1,449 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Features, price, models and release date
New line of Samsung phones.