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The best apps for studying

Andy Vilchez
6 min read
The best apps for studying – ThisPhone – WebMediums
Essential applications for the study.

Today, education has changed a lot and there are more and more applications to study. These will make your life much easier and that is why they have become so popular. However, not many people know which are the best apps for this.

We want to help you, that is why we are going to talk about which are the best applications to study. However, we are going to divide the article into four groups and we will tell you which is the best of each of them.

note taking apps

Taking notes can help you organize all your classes and readings in one place. You can write down any important information, whether you found it on the Internet or in a book. By taking notes, you will greatly facilitate the learning process.

Everyone has their own way of taking notes, some just scribble things in their notebooks. There are others that are very meticulous, everything is color coded and separated into different folders with elaborate diagrams.

There are several applications that simply allow you to take notes and organize them. In apps like Google Keep, you can simply jot down any information. Since they are compatible with all devices, you can easily access these notes later.

But for more elaborate note taking, apps like Goodnotes are really great. It works great on the iPad, you can write your notes on it as you would on paper. You can easily organize your notes in terms of topics and subjects and even take photos and insert them into your notes.

Google Keep: The best app for taking notes

The best apps for studying – ThisPhone – WebMediums
Keep is Google's free app for taking notes.

Of all the note-taking apps, Google Keep is probably the best. This is one of the applications to study that cannot be missing from your mobile. One of the main advantages that Keep has is that it allows you to take notes very quickly, whether they are all voice, photos, text and even doodles.

It is completely free, so you will not need to make any type of payment. Best of all, it's multiplatform, so you can use it on any device, including your computer. The notes are automatically saved in the cloud, so even if you delete the application, when you install it you will have them.

productivity apps

Being productive can be a real struggle at times and being consistently productive can be even more of a challenge.

Some students like to study for 5 or 6 hours at a time and then relax for the next couple of days.

It may seem that we have achieved a lot in those long hours, but in the end it is counterproductive. You get exhausted with those long hours and end up needing a lot of rest.

Therefore, the best way to do this is to work for short amounts of time with intermittent breaks. Several time tracking apps allow you to set a timer with a break time. They have a built-in Pomodoro timer, with which you can set the work time and breaks.

But when it comes to studying, you can't do it last minute and expect to be fine. The key to good study habits is to be consistent and study regularly.

A lot of the problems that come up here are because we don't make a plan and we don't stick to it. There are several apps available that help you manage your study schedule for a month. You can even use student study apps like Google calendar to set different times of day for studies, homework, group study, and even more.

Focus To-Do: The best productivity app

The best apps for studying – ThisPhone – WebMediums
A very powerful tool to improve your productivity.

This is a very interesting application, not only because it will allow you to be much more productive, but also because it will help you concentrate. This is a pomodoro -type app, but it also includes a calendar and task function.

It is a very useful application for productivity, so it is a good idea to have it on your mobile device. You can also have it as an extension for Chromium-based browsers. With Focus To-D o, you will be able to concentrate on the study and you will do it in the best possible way.

It is a free tool, but it includes a premium version that is going to offer you a good number of benefits.

memory card applications

To make memorization easier, people have come up with all sorts of systems and techniques. And one of the most powerful systems are memory cards.

There are many simple techniques and systems that you can use to memorize information. Flashcards are one such effective method.

There are several student study apps available right now that can help you create flashcards for different topics and subjects and organize them as well.

Memorize: An excellent option to create cards

The best apps for studying – ThisPhone – WebMediums
Memorize gives you personalized flashcards.

If you like to learn with flashcards, Memorize is an excellent application that cannot be missing from your device. This is characterized because it allows you to create quite professional flashcards. These cards will help you to memorize the information in a much simpler way.

It is available for Android and iO S, so no matter what device you have, you will be able to use this application. It is very intuitive, so you will not have any problem when using it.

online learning apps

In recent years, since the pandemic broke out, we have seen students move from offline to online education. In this period there was an increase in the demand for online education and many learning platforms emerged.

There is a wide range of learning apps available, catering to different niches. You can read more about the different educational apps in India.

Although things are starting to pick up a bit and offline classes have resumed, online learning can still play an important role in students' lives. There may be times when a student gets stuck on certain concepts while studying, these learning apps can help you gain clarity and often provide a community discussion where you can discuss your issues with other students and mentors.

Udemy: The best app to learn online

The best apps for studying – ThisPhone – WebMediums
With Udemy you can learn from anywhere.

It is no secret to anyone that Udemy quickly became one of the best applications for studying and learning online. The application itself is free, but most of its courses are paid. But don't worry, there are many totally free courses of very good quality to take.

The platform has thousands of courses on just about anything you want to learn. From time to time discount coupons appear with which you can find the courses even for free. So if you want to learn, download Udemy and start learning.

These were the best apps to study and learn that you will find in the market. Of course, there are dozens of similar apps in each of the categories we've talked about. However, these are, in our opinion, the best.