East Point in Uruguay

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Uruguay a small country in Latin America it reserves one of the most spectacular spas in the world, Punta Del Este is a city located on a peninsula between the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

A curious fact of Punta Del Este is its population, Uruguay, which has always been recognized as a quiet country, is one of the few towns in Latin America.

East Point in Uruguay – Travel – WebMediums

Punta del Este has only 9,300 inhabitants approximately but the figure is multiplied 37 times during the holiday season, reaching 450,000 visitors in high seasons eager to enjoy the beach and its tourist attractions.

The same peace of mind that represents Uruguay lives in Punta Del Este, It is a spa with a wide range of hotels, coasts, bars and restaurants open 24 hours a day, in addition, it has a constant safety device and discreet to ensure the integrity of the entire peninsula.

But for lovers of extreme sports the tranquility becomes complacent when participating in all the water sports of the peninsula, each tour or hotel has a special fun package for each person or family.

East Point in Uruguay – Travel – WebMediums

Punta del Este is quite large being long Because of its peninsula characteristic, it is therefore recommended to rent transportation that is very economical and adequate.

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Punta Del Este en Uruguay
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