Holguin in Cuba

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Holguín is the traditional Cuban beauty. Located in the southeast of the island, Holguín is the capital of the homonymous province, Holguín, one of the most populated provinces of Cuba.

How to get to Holguin Cuba?

The Province of Holguín became famous for having enchanted Christopher Columbus, who, according to legend, when the region arrived declared that it was “the most beautiful country that human eyes have seen”.

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The city of Holguín was founded under the name of San Isidoro de Holguín in 1545. It is the fourth largest city in Cuba and has the name of City of Parks, as it has several parks scattered around the city. Holguin is about 70 km from Guadalavaca, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba.

What to do in Holguin?

Although the city is very nice, it hardly receives tourists and unlike Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara and Varaderos, in Holguin practically you will not see tourists. Although it does not attract many tourists, the visit to the city is very interesting:

Plaza El Quijote

The first place that caught our attention, when we left the road to the center of the city, was a square with huge metal sculptures, referring to the literary classic Don Quijote De La Mancha, written by the Spaniard Miguel de Cervantes.

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On the way we started to see the constructions in the French neoclassical style, as well as the constructions of Cienfuegos. Many beautiful houses continue to the center of the city.

In the center, buildings are in better condition and many have the appearance of recent restoration.

Calixto García Park

“The Park” As the locals call it, it is the heart of the city.

There is a statue of Garcia in the center and around it there are some main attractions of Holguín, such as the building of the Provincial Museum of History-La Periquera, the Art Center, La Casa De La Trova and the Alex Urquiola Library.

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Birthplace of Calixto García

Located about two blocks from the park that bears the name of its former owner, the house where General Calixto García lived houses a small museum that tells the story of this one who was responsible for recovering the cities of Holguin, Bayamo and the tombs of the hands of the Spaniards.

San José Park (Cespedes Park)

Officially called Parque Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the park has a statue of the Cuban farmer, who became a combatant, fighting against the Spaniards. Cespedes, the “father of the Fatherland”, as he is called, freed his slaves, encouraging them to join the anticolonial struggle.

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In the square, in addition to the statue of Cespedes, there is a monument in honor of the heroes of the War of Independence. It also highlights the San José Church, whose towers were used by the independentistas as a surveillance post.

Plaza of the Revolution

Plaza de la Revolución de Holguín, officially called Plaza Mayor General Calixto García Íñiguez is about 2.5 km from the city center.

It has a large monument in honor of the heroes of the Cuban Independence, the Mausoleum of Calixto García and also a monument to García's mother. The square is the place where the city's festivities and political demonstrations are held, such as the famous commemoration of May Day.

Recently, the Plaza de la Revolución received the illustrious presence of Pope Francisco.

Peralta Park

Officially called Parque Julio Grave de Peralta, the Park is known for being the ancient flower market since the times of the Spanish colony. Even today it is possible to find flower vendors there.

As an example we have the Cathedral of San Isidoro, which is the main church of the city. Speaking of Spaniards, this is where the Spanish García Holguín founded the city.

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The boulevard

Bulevar (with this same graph) is one of the main streets of the city and connects the three most important central parks: the Peralta Park, the Calixto García Park and the San José Park.

On this street, which is actually a large street, there are several restaurants, bars, ice cream and shops. In the middle of the road there is a nice statue of a lady with an umbrella.

Museum of Natural History

Museum with collection consisting of numerous stuffed animals, mollusks, insects, etc. What really attracts attention is the architecture of the place. Right next to this museum is the Living Museum, dedicated to numerous fish species that make up the Cuban fauna.

Loma De La Cruz

Located about three kilometers from the Calixto García Park, Loma De La Cruz is the highest point of the city of 275 meters in height. To reach the top you have to face a staircase of 465 steps, which in the end will provide a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the region.

Holguin in Cuba – Travel – WebMediums

At the top of the hill, in addition to the Cruz that gives its name to the hill, there is also a guard post built by the Spaniards.

Viewpoint of Mayabe

Middle distance from the city center The Mirador de Mayabe is another point where you can see the city from above. It is 10 km from the center and there is a restaurant where they say there is a donkey that drinks beer.

Besides the donkey drinker, you can see a dazzling image of the fields of Holguín.

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Holguín en Cuba
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