La Concha Bay in Spain

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A spectacular bay to visit in Spain is La Concha. A place characterized by its frequent changes of tide and the calm waters that bathe the place, but sometimes hidden from the coast.

But La Concha is a place full of culture and tradition, some consider it to be of high architectural value since many elements used at the time of the conquest are kept in the museum and there are even colonial neighborhoods where you move to the past.

La Concha Bay in Spain – Travel – WebMediums

But the incredible thing about this walk through the city, is the Spanish warmth and total relaxation as it is a quiet city that always receives you with a smile, said ride is the most famous in Spain according to hundreds of tourists who after visiting La Concha are delighted and eager to return.

With more than a century old you can walk along the Concha railing from beginning to end, which will take you to places like City Hall and even the palaces, remember that architecture is a tourist beauty attached to our trip.

La Concha Bay in Spain – Travel – WebMediums

But when it comes to enjoying La Concha, it is time to jump into the water and savor its two kilometers of coastline that despite having different names is still the tourist site of La Concha.

The hotel chain it is magnificent in terms of economy and attention, of course you should find your best service, but usually they are based on high quality standards and we rarely hear complaints about the service provided.

On the other hand, gastronomy is typical of the region, which for Europe it became an obligation to show, since before there were only foods of very dubious origin and nothing typical.

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Bahía La Concha en España
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