Arashi Beach in Aruba

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A few years ago, a campaign was launched to clean up a reef area that was affected by Aruba rubbish. Once it was clean, they discovered a tropical paradise jealously guarded by a lighthouse. that's how Arashi Beach was born.

Located north of Aruba there Arashi, and a little further north are its beaches, it is a quiet place with typical inhabitants of the area and many tourists, the beach has different attractions inside and outside of it.

Arashi Beach in Aruba – Travel – WebMediums

The day can start with a walk through the area, the strong breeze refreshes you under an intense sun but feeds a wide flora with the enchanted remains, Aruba usually stands out for possessing certain unique species on the island.

At the end of the day, you can visit the Lighthouse and although his job is to guide the boats in their safe course, taking some incredible pictures by his side is a unique opportunity and you should not let it pass.

The Lighthouse is considered tourist attraction and of course you find small restaurants near the area so you can stop in them.

Arashi Beach in Aruba – Travel – WebMediums

After a day knowing the area, it is time to visit the beautiful beaches, as we commented most are reefs for which it is allowed to dive and of course to swim, some exploratory activities are ludic and most of them help to generate environmental culture.

Arashi Beach is pure tranquility and hotel services in the area have been responsible for respecting the line between guaranteed fun and your rest at night, as well as the underwater life is attractive, its coasts are highly coveted.

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Arashi Beach en Aruba
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