Most beautiful villages of Spain ideal for visiting

Dilis Salazar
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Lovely places to visit in Spain.

In this article I want to show you the Pretty towns in Spain, ideal to know.

If you want to know about culture, tradition and the great historical and artistic heritage that seizes this country, the ideal would be that you will begin by its peoples.

Undoubtedly, you will find lovely regions, full of magic and much cordiality, will leave you hallucinating.

The 12 most beautiful villages in Spain

Luckily Spain is a very large country, on this list I have brought towns for all tastes and styles, and although the list is innumerable, I will only classify you the most popular.

1.-Santillana del Mar

A beautiful town, also known as "the villas of the three lies". This is one of the localities of Spain with greater historical and artistic value.

It stands out as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, for the large number of monuments that are in the region.

Most beautiful villages of Spain ideal for visiting – Travel – WebMediums
Collegiate Church Santa Juliana.

Among the most important buildings, in Santillana del Mar we find the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana and the Cueva de Altamira. This medieval style village is one of the most charming in the Cantabria region.

2.-Ainsa - Huesca

Anxia, stands out for being one of the most preserved towns across the country. The first stop you should make in this town is that of the castillo- fortress, which is imposed as the entrance to the village.

In addition to that, you can not stop touring your main square; that highlights around its surroundings and its cobbled streets, which make you return to medieval history.

3.-Cadaqués - Girona

It has been considered one of the most beautiful villages of the Costa Brava and the entire Province of Girona.

Since long ago, this sailor town has been one of the most important in the region; Nowadays become an excellent tourist destination.

Most beautiful villages of Spain ideal for visiting – Travel – WebMediums
Cadaqués, Girona.

You can start the journey to Cadaqués starting with the Santa María Church, where you can see all the village profile. Since the small square you can see the beautiful streets, with reddish roofs, and the imposing sea in the background.

This beautiful sailor village, narrow streets of stones, and white houses, also has a hotel area for the enjoyment of tourists.

4.-Pedraza - Segovia

This is a walled town of Spain, that thanks to its style and its conservation can make the visitor move back to the medievo.

Most beautiful villages of Spain ideal for visiting – Travel – WebMediums

If you arrive in this region, you must start your journey through the Plaza Mayor; It is an area surrounded by palaces and ancient houses, dating to the sixteenth century.

Another of the attractions of this town is the castle, known today as the Ignacio Zuloaga Museum.

5.-The Burgo de Osma

It is one of Soria's most beautiful towns. Many Historical monuments to know, like the cathedral, a religious temple of Romanesque style that through its facade and its interior, becomes a sight in sight.

The Burgue Medieval Wall, that was raised in the year in 1458; and that nowadays it remains a place of interest in the town.

Likewise, this town has an extensive natural area, which allows tourists to enjoy hiking activities, by the war.

6.- Lastres

This is a small town, one of the most beautiful villas of the Principality of Asturias. Her historical center was recognized as a cultural interest center.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, that is located on top of a beautiful cliff, and is displayed through a series of tortuous, narrow and steep streets.

7.-Sepulveda - Segovia

Nature, art, culture, and gastronomy, these are the characteristics that define the village of Castilla y León.

Come to this region would be a great idea, you can travel streets and magical corners, which are enjoyed between palaces and historical monuments; Allowing you to dream of the story and live a magical experience thanks to the art.

Still mentioning the good climate, and the natural enclave, which make Sepúlveda in one of the pretty villages in Spain.

8.-Besalú - Girona

As another of the charming villages of Girona, Besalú draws attention for the incredible strength that surrounds all around.

In addition, it is one of the peoples with greater natural biodiversity, which serves as stage to practice outdoor activities, such as hiking.

Among the most important buildings in the area are the Old Bridge, Casa Cornellia and the Sant Vicens Church.

9.-Artajona in Pamplona

Artajona is a town with a fascinating story, it was the headquarters of many kings, nobles, bishops and potatoes.

To know this locality, I advise you to start by the impressive fortress that the name is received as the fence, there are numerous struggle stories, which are part of the culture of the city.

It is a charming town, especially for those tourists who are passionate about history.

10.-Altea - Alicante

This is a beautiful town of the Alicantine coast, stands out for its white houses in narrow streets of stones.

The old town, can catch the look of hundreds of tourists who come to feel like in the colonial era, but enjoying a wonderful natural relief. Throughout the route, the sea breeze coupled you, and it makes you feel in a different place.

11.-Morella - Castellón

Morella is a magical town, of those photo towns. Upon arriving at this villa you can see an image ever seen.

They are beautiful mansiones that surround themselves for almost two kilometers of wall, and with a background of a castle more than a thousand meters high; Without a doubt, a movie view.

Most beautiful villages of Spain ideal for visiting – Travel – WebMediums

It is a very nice town, which is also famous for the Baroque Music Festival that is done in the town, where the main protagonist is an organ with more than 3,000 tubes.

12.- Trujillo - Cáceres

This is one of the most visited cities. It is an area of cultural interest that impresses its historic center, where a series of churches, castles, and houses that are part of the history of the town are converged.

Its main square is one of the most beautiful in Spain. It is also known for its famous cheese production, to such an extent that a gastronomic cheese fair is performed.

These are some of the most beautiful villages in Spain, who will leave you hallucinating. They are picturesque regions, full of culture, magic, art and religion, that luckily combine with great natural landscapes.