Essential places to visit Sydney- Australia

Sydney, one of the most important cosmopolitans in the world.

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Are you organizing next travel to Sydney-Australia?, And you do not know where to start; neglect, here we will show you the essential places you should visit, to spend a dream vacation. There are many magical corners that are in this city, but with this travel guide you can decide where to start.

10 sites you should know on a trip to Sydney

Sydney besides being one of the main cities of Australia, it is one of the cosmopolitas of the world.

This place keeps a perfect balance between its grades architectural infrastructures, and its nature. If you want to have a travel guide to start your journey, then follow us until the end and plan a successful trip.

The opera

Undoubtedly, it is the most emblematic place in the city, and you can not lose sight of you.

It was declared as Heritage of humanity by UNESCO in the year 2007, and his imposing architecture has made him one of the most famous buildings in the world. The author of this work was the architect Jorn Utzon.

Sydney Bay Bridge

The Bay of the Bay or the Sydney Harbor Bridge, it is another of the essential sites you should do on your journey. It was inaugurated in 1932; and count as one of the most important engineering works of the time.

The Harbor Bridge is a steel bridge with more than one kilometer long, join the center of the city with northern Sydney. For tourists, it is a very attractive place, you can travel by car, and enjoy one of the best visits in the city.

Near the bridge you will also find the famous luna Park amusement park, if you go with children, this is an ideal stop.

Bondi Beach

It has been considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and of course the most important in Sydney.

East sea turquoise and white sand, it is one of the natural sites most coveted by tourists.

If you are one of those who love the sea, then you must make a stop at Beach of Bondi; The beach and coastal areas from Bondi to Coogee Beach, you will love it. It is a worthwhile tour, so do not stop signing up in your travel guide.

The Rock

Known as the oldest neighborhood in the city, it is one of the essential places to know. According to the story, in this place the city of Sydney was born, in the year 1788.

Essential places to visit Sydney- Australia – Travel – WebMediums
The Rock.

Within the neighborhood The Rock, the first buildings of the city are discovered, there are also important museums and sites of cultural and social interest, where you can enjoy the best australian gastronomy.

If you want to know everything that exists in The Rock neighborhood, you can participate in a guided tour and discover all the curiosities about the area.


This is the neighborhood is one of the most bohemians in the city. It is a perfect area to walk and discover, charm alleys, perfect to entertain you for a long time.

At newtown neighborhood, you will find an augin of places full of artistic expressions, and numerous art, fashion, and old objects.

The main street of the neighborhood The is the king Street, here you can find all kinds of vegan food restaurants and international cuisine.

The Royal Botanic Garden

A botanical Garden in Sydney it has more than 30 hectares, it is the greenest area in the city.

It is close to the opera, and it is a perfect place to meditate and enjoy outdoors. It is composed of beautiful gardens with outstanding floral shrubs, ferns and centennial trees.

It is a perfect place to rest, and disconnect yourself from the city. It is one of the oldest institutions in Australia, which was inaugurated in 1816. You can currently enjoy a unique panoramic, next door is the bay and on the other side Sydney skyscrapers.

At Royal Botanic Garden, you can ride a bicycle, read a good book, or perform an activity of picnic with friends and family.

Essential places to visit Sydney- Australia – Travel – WebMediums
Royal Botanic Garden.

Santa María cathedral

The santa María cathedral it is one of the most famous neogotic buildings in the city.

It is the largest in Australia and is located next to Hyde Park. Its construction is truly majestic, stands out for its exuberant windows and for its international beauty.

Right at the front of the temple are the fountains where the little ones splash in summer. Sculptures, altars and ceilings within the church, are other works that can be admired within the building.

Zoo de Taronga

This is one of the larger Zoos in Australia, it stands out for its wild conservation.

It is located near Sydney Bay. In this impressive place natural place it houses endless plants and species that are in danger of extinction.

Essential places to visit Sydney- Australia – Travel – WebMediums
Zoo de Taronga.

Inside the zoo you find an own cable car, where you can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes.

The port of Sydney

Is a port located in the skyscrapers and the financial center of the city. It is surrounded by terraces, buildings and shopping centers around it.

An excellent place to enjoy the nightlife, enjoying the best gastronomy in nearby restaurants and spend an incredible time in any of the pubs with music that are directly to the ferry terminals.

It is a very lively atmosphere; You can learn more about the culture of the city, and it is a very frequented area for capture beautiful photographs.

Circular Quay

Another of Las old zones of Sydney, is full of a lot of history and is the main ferry terminal of the city.

If you want a good place to eat, and share a good drink, then you must come and meet the Circular Quay.

There are many those outdoor restaurants, special decorated, they serve as a beautiful space to enjoy a romantic dinner, or a special occasion.

With this travel Guide for Sydney- Australia, you can plan vacations success and travel the most important places in this city.

What is the best time to visit Sydney?

If you already know what are the best places to know Sydden, it is also necessary that you know what is the best time to travel. Luckily, the climate of the city is very nice.

The average temperature occurs in the months of November to April, with some 21 °C. The other months of the year, the temperature is maintained among the 15 °C and 29 °C. The cold season in the city is between the months of june and August, with a temperature of 15 °C, so it is complicated to visit its beaches.