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Places in the world to visit and save money

These countries seek to boost tourism by offering discounts on travel and accommodation expenses

Valeria Malavé
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Places in the world to visit and save money – Travel – WebMediums
Holidays 2022

The negative impact of the pandemic on tourism worldwide gave rise to innovative initiatives by agencies in charge of local and international tourism. Its intention is to attract more tourists, but always complying with the health security measures against COVID-19.

Currently, there are places in the world that assume a large part of the cost of the trip so that those who visit them help with the growth of this initiative.

The top 3 of the cheapest options to visit this 2022


Places in the world to visit and save money – Travel – WebMediums
Taj Mahal

It launched a program that reimburses tourists a percentage of the money they spend visiting 15 countries during 2022.

This initiative is called Dekho Apna Desh and has certain guidelines that the visitor must comply with, such as documenting the tour with photos and videos, which must be published on the internet, but also encouraging others to make the same trip.


Places in the world to visit and save money – Travel – WebMediums

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the twenty regions that make up Italy. Its culture is represented by several places declared World Heritage Sites that you cannot miss, such as the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the Opera Dei Pupi Siciliani, Mount Etna, among many others.

The Sicilian regional government, through the See Cicily project, offers free one night in a hotel and up to 200 euros for the flight, plus tickets free of charge to places of cultural interest.

Other benefits of this plan is the tourist service that allows you to choose between a diving experience, a guided tour or an excursion, the chosen one will also be included.

The means of transport on the island offer a 50% discount, whether it is a ferry or plane ticket, national and European.


Places in the world to visit and save money – Travel – WebMediums
Phi Phi Islands

Asian country, famous for its royal palaces, tropical beaches, ruins and Buddhist temples. It is considered a good and economical option to live compared to the West.

This impressive place offers significant discounts on luxury hotels, such as the Sri Panwa in Phuket, one of the largest in the country. It also includes a discount code for some services, such as breakfast.

Through the official tourism page, promotions and discounts are published throughout the year for people who want to visit it. Since November 1 they offer quarantine-free tourism.

This is how the pandemic gave a 360° turnaround in tourism in these countries, prompting them to reinvent themselves to attract more visitors each year.