Sao Paulo in Brazil

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Sao Paulo can not rest, is a city with approximately 12 million inhabitants, becoming the largest in Latin America, one of the most populated on the planet and important business center.

Sao Paulo in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums

This importance in terms of business forced Sao Paulo to grow thinking about the economy more than about recreation, this is why its hotels are designed for entrepreneurs with different tastes and economies, this is reaffirmed by its more than 8 million trips that it receives in the year due to the development of large economic congresses and some important cultural events throughout America.

Sao Paulo also prepared for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, its hotels were adapted for visitors and others built for such important dates.

Brazil is betting on this city so that throughout 2019 - 2022 it can climb important world positions and be recognized as a world business capital.

Sao Paulo in Brazil – Travel – WebMediums

Although Brazil is interested in the economy that Sao Paulo represents, for tourists who only want recreation, it also opens its doors offering more than 500 recreational centers throughout the city between cinemas, theaters, museums and cultural areas.

Sao Paulo undoubtedly can not stop in its development and must get used to never sleep.
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Sao Paulo en Brasil
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