Skagen beach in Denmark

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History is one of the reasons why many places in the world are attractive, that's why Skagen beaches are the best in Denmark and has as an added value his pictorial school.

Let's talk about Skagen, it is a tourist city with great emphasis on the enlightened and architectural culture, there are whole neighborhoods designed in certain periods of the colony which were preserved and where families still maintained for generations and who have made their contribution to the city with pieces of high cultural value stored in the main museum.

Skagen beach in Denmark – Travel – WebMediums

After a great day at the city ​​we arrived at the beaches of Skagen and it should be noted that in certain seasons of the year the waters become turbulent, but when summer arrives they change to be excellent spas, especially by the invariant geography.

In conclusion, this beach is very different from the others, but it does not stop being attractive for lovers of the ocean and all the sports that you can practice on the water and even more when you have beautiful views.

Skagen beach in Denmark – Travel – WebMediums

When talking about their food we find a varied gastronomy so much that it seems that you travel from one country to another when crossing each street and discover a new flavor, this is because the city is close to a large number of regions and the tastes are difficult. Filter, so that the visitor is given the free choice of his favorite dish.

The hotels took advantage of its coasts to make large buildings and although always economical, you must set aside your room with time prior to the trip.

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Playa de Skagen en Dinamarca
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