Statue of Liberty in the United States

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On the Hudson River and located at the entrance to the ports of New York, you will find The statue of Liberty, one of the emblematic monuments of the United States and considered a wonder of the world.

Statue of Liberty in the United States – Travel – WebMediums

Among its curiosities and attractions is that the Statue of Liberty was not designed especially for Americans, but was a gift from France, designed by the sculptor Frederick Auguste Batholdi, on the occasion of its 100 years of independence.

The Statue of Liberty located on Liberta Island it is the main tourist destination of New York, but due to its condition of being on an island it is necessary to comply with some schedules in order to visit it, this is due to the availability of transportation that in its 95% is aquatic.

Statue of Liberty in the United States – Travel – WebMediums

The history and importance it represents for the United States The Statue is known worldwide as Freedom and emancipation destroying oppression, so much so that new films on the big screen, collapse or destroy the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of destruction for the United States .

New York has a large hotel chain and at all prices, it also has great monuments and historical sites so the visit to the Statue of Liberty will be accompanied by great stories, places and true Western culture.

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Estatua De La Libertad en Estados Unidos
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