Kabul in Afghanistan

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Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan, a center for political meetings. A city where trade agreements take effect due to being a safe place.

The embassies of all the countries are concentrated in Kabul so the government of Afghanistan is committed to rebuild the entire city.

Kabul in Afghanistan – Travel – WebMediums

Unlike what many imagine of this city, Since 2003 to 2007 it has evolved to offer another face to the world. New universities have been created and basic services are reaching every home.

Kabul is a historic center, with more than 3000 years to tell you where Buddhism and Islam had great battles in the past to control these territories, some of the samples of these battles are jealously guarded in the museums of the city. Around it we find tourist deserts where we can find caves and small communities of the past.

The climate of Kabul is variable, usually have heats up to 40ºC or very cold days that can reach -25ºC, but without doubt the availability of the hotel chain to give us the ideal temperature in our nights has been satisfactory for visitors.

Kabul in Afghanistan – Travel – WebMediums

A city where we can not deny that there was ever a war, but nowadays it tries to become an important oriental business center due to the large presence of oil in the area and that companies are starting to need Kabul to reach their best agreements.

However, this city is recommended for those extreme tourists, who are careful and review their travel itinerary very well.

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Kabul en Afganistán
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