The Moscow Kremlin in Russia

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Russia continues to invite us to know all its culture and history. The Moscow Kremlin It is a destination to visit, has a series of civil buildings and religious centers located in the heart of Moscow, facing the Moscova River and demonstrating its power that identifies it gives the feeling of being a walled city.

The Moscow Kremlin in Russia – Travel – WebMediums

Among the favorite places to visit are the cathedrals such as the Cathedral of the Assumption, C. of the Archangel Michael, C. Annunciation, Church of the Twelve Apostles among others, besides having a wide variety of museums and without doubt the most attractive , a series of palaces in optimal conditions, to which, in its majority, it is allowed to visit.

The Moscow Kremlin being practically in the center of the capital, facilitates the choice of hotels, restaurants and transportation.

The Moscow Kremlin in Russia – Travel – WebMediums

Moscow is a large city that has a wide variety of services to give us the best possible stay.

Other of the aspects to highlight of Kremlin is its high historical value, you will not only find recent stories like that of the Soviet Union until ancient times like the white stone fortress in the 14th century.

It is also advisable to walk this cultural and historical center walking, to enjoy every detail.

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El Kremlin De Moscú en Rusia
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