The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

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On the outskirts of Cairo, capital of Egypt, is found The Pyramid of Giza which still endure over time, is one of the oldest and in addition to being of high representative value for the local culture.

The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt – Travel – WebMediums

Kefrén, Keops and Micerinos are the most popular and stories in the area, have a variety of secret corridors, crafts and hand-carved architectures and preserved by local museums.

The history represented in these pyramids and its surroundings is the main attraction, because they are not representative cities of high technological ranges, however in terms of culture and history, as we mentioned, it is highly coordinated for all its visitors.

One of the advantages of visiting The Pyramids of Giza, is to have the city of Cairo only 18 kilometers away, what gives the possibility of choosing the right hotel to your economic one, besides that, in the zone the prices were fixed and these are reviewed in tourist guides to avoid any inconvenience.

Camel rides are still popular throughout Egypt and is the preferred option for touring the pyramids, these are offered by local merchants.

visiting the pyramids of Giza is a destination not to be forgotten while touring Egypt.