Where to visit the best volcanoes in the world?

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Stromboli in Italy, is known for the amount of volcanic explosions, it is also known as the Mediterranean Lighthouse, it is even allowed to approach 200 meters from its volcanic eruption.

Etna in Sicily is also considered one of the busiest volcanoes in Europe. It is a protuberance in the shape of a mountain, its tunnels and the almost constant eruption of its lava are worth visiting.

Where to visit the best volcanoes in the world? – Travel – WebMediums

Kilauea in Hawaii ranks first in the volcanoes that are in active conditions in the world, it is recommended to take a boat tour and thus know its surroundings as its natural attractions. Its inhabitants say that it is the house or abode of the Goddess of fire.

Teide in Spain is for people who like a little slower activity, small and with fewer constant eruptions, the recommendation is to visit Mount Teide.

Here there is still no eruption since its last one in 1909, it is considered the highest peak in the city.

Where to visit the best volcanoes in the world? – Travel – WebMediums

Sakurajima Japan is considered one of the largest in Asia. It was primarily a small island that with the constant eruptions and the passing of the years managed to extinguish its lava. Currently, it is one of those that represent the greatest danger, maintaining constant volcanic activity.

Mt. Ruapehu in New Zealand is undoubtedly the home of millions of volcanoes, it was even here that many scenes from the Lord of the Rings' movie took place.

Python de la Fourniase exists on Reunion Island. These volcanoes are very characteristic because their location is in the Indian Ocean itself, it is one of the most recent that has evolved in the entire world.

Mount Nyiragongo is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is known specifically for its lava lake and for its constant volcanic activity.

Its location is in the Virunga National Park, and it is said that it is the cause of having eroded around 40%

Galeras volcano in Colombia with a length greater than 4200 meters, Galera is considered one of the largest volcanoes in South America, its last eruption was recorded in 2010, however, it is currently one of the most visited by tourists.

Hiking and excursions is something that remains present in this Volcano, regardless of the date or time it always maintains a good influx.

Where to visit the best volcanoes in the world? – Travel – WebMediums
Galeras volcano

Mount Merapi in Indonesia is known as Mount of Fire for being one of the most volcanically active in the world. For this reason, it has produced a greater number of accidental deaths. It, in turn, has been the product of major earthquakes and Tsunamis.

Mount Fire has erupted many, many times, believed to be about 69 times, claiming about 272 lives.

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